January 29th, 2017

Wholewheat No Yeast No Oven Pizza | Pizza Made On A Pan

Wholewheat No Yeast No Oven Pizza | Pizza Made On A Pan

If you are one of those who loves pizza but the very mention of yeast makes you uncomfortable or if you have run out of yeast and running to the nearest grocery store is not on your agenda, then this recipe is for you.

Yeast after all should not deter one from making and enjoying one of the most delicious foods out there. Particularly when there are options and recipes to make a pizza dough without yeast.

Ever since my no oven no yeast pizza recipe went live on Rajshri Food, I have had many requests for a whole wheat pizza dough.So for this recipe I decided to make a very simple dough using ingredients that one would most probably have at home.

Nearly a decade ago when thin crust pizza was all the rage, it seemed like a complicated effort and the very thought of it prevented me from giving it an attempt. Besides, I had my homemade pizza dough recipe which not only gave great results but also made souls and bellies that were filled with this pizza, very happy.

But now I find myself making this pizza more often than I would like to, considering that there is a particular seven year old at home, who dearly loves pizzas.

This recipe is such a breeze to put together. Simple ingredients, simple techniques and no fancy equipment is required here. Infact, you don’t even need an oven to make these delicious pizzas.

While making these pizzas, a thought crossed my mind. Eating this pizzas is quite similar to eating an Indian roti with vegetables and cheese. The mozzarella cheese being the only alien character in this story.

Although I love making pizzas with yeast, I would resort to this recipe when I need to make pizza immediately and I haven’t planned in advance. Making a pizza with yeast requires a fair amount of planning and time management since the pizza dough has to prove, double in size, get deflated and rolled before being subject to the heat of the oven.

But in this case all you need to do is mix all the ingredients for the dough together, roll the dough, top it with the toppings of your choice, cook (not bake J) and you are done!

These pizzas have a flavourful herb infused thin crust and are enhanced by their sauce and vegetable toppings. With not much of advance planning and simple ingredients that are easily available in your home, you can delight yourself and your loved ones with this recipe.

When it comes to cooking food for my family, I find that the purity of organic ingredients makes all the difference. Visit my recipe page to check out all the recipes created by me as a part of the Organic Mantras Initiative.  And you can stay connected with 24 Mantra Organic on Facebook and Instagram.

Wholewheat No Yeast No Oven Pizza | Pizza Made On A Pan


For Dough:
280 gm or 2 cups wholewheat flour
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of sugar
1 tsp dried herbs
2 tsp of baking powder
¼ tsp baking soda
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
¾ cup water
For Pizza Topping:
Tomato Sauce*
Bell peppers
Mozzarella Cheese
dried oregano
dried basil


In a bowl add the flour, salt, sugar, dried herbs, baking powder and baking soda. Mix well with a fork.
Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and add the oil and water.

Knead the dough properly and let it rest for 20-30 minutes.
Divide the dough into four equal parts. Take one portion of the dough and roll it into an 8” circle using a little flour, beneath the surface and on top of the dough circle to prevent the dough from sticking.
Prick the surface of the dough with a fork to prevent the dough from puffing up while cooking.

Keep a heavy bottomed pan on low heat and allow it to become hot
Carefully lift the rolled dough and place it on the hot pan.

Cover the pan and cook for a few minutes, about 2 to 3 minutes.

With a spatula, lift the pizza base up and check if there are light brown spots. If you see the spots, flip the pizza over and cook the side the same way.

Flip the pizza base again and spread some tomato sauce. Sprinkle some bell peppers, olives and mozzarella cheese.
Spoon a few drops of oil over the sides, cover the pizza and cook until the cheese melts.
And that’s it! Your Pizza is ready to be served.

Find the Tomato Sauce recipe here.


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  1. Mira says:

    Wow……thank you so much
    This is the what I’m looking for :)

  2. coralcrue says:

    This looks divine! What brand mozarella would you recommend?

  3. sujata says:

    Will try it at home this week. Thank you very much for the recipe!!!!!
    I tried out almost many recipes you posted earlier & they comes out awesome
    every time…….

  4. Anushruti says:

    Mira- Good to hear that. Do try it and give me your feedback.

  5. Anushruti says:

    coralcrue- There are many good brands available now. You can experiment and see what you like. I keep changing the brand based on what is available.

  6. Anushruti says:

    Sujata- Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Poonam says:

    Wow ….
    Thank you so much for this receipe. From many
    Days I wanted this receipe. I tried it on the very
    first day of post nd it was just fantastic. My
    daughter also liked it.
    Thank you and keep posting. One request
    pls share some kids lunchbox receipes .

  8. Anushruti says:

    Poonam- I’m glad to hear that you tried it on the first day itself. Will definitely try and share more kids lunchbox recipes.

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