February 8th, 2011

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Muffins

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Muffins

When my cousin Vedika kept raving about the homemade peanut butter she ate every morning for breakfast during a school excursion in a farm in the rustic parts of Pondicherry, I recalled the chocolate peanut  muffins I had made a few weeks ago and thought “she loves chocolate and she loves peanut butter”, she will surely love my chocolate peanut muffins.

These muffins are so easy to make and have great texture and taste. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they are vegan and also without regular butter. Most bakers I come across are skeptical about trying eggless or vegan recipes. I harboured similar notions until they were dispelled after successful results.

If the recipe is right and the ingredients are top quality then one can rarely go wrong, even in baking where precision and exact measurements are a must.

The flavour combination of peanuts and chocolate is phenomenal and the taste of the peanuts lingers for some time. These are ideal for snacks and kids lunch boxes. And these are perfect with your evening cuppa too. Or maybe even breakfast if you are having a bowl of cereals.

The best part of making these muffins for me was the happiness and smile on my sweet little sister’s face.

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Muffins Recipe

I prefer making fresh peanut butter for these cupcakes. If you want to use ready made peanut butter then use 1/2 cup butter and 2 tbsp oil.


100 gm (1/2 cup) unsalted shelled and skinned raw peanuts
4 tbsp oil (preferably peanut or any other flavourless oil)
a pich of fleur de sel or your favourite salt
140 gm (1 cup) plain flour
30 gm (1/3 cup) cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
90 gm (3/4 cup) jaggery powder or muscovado sugar or any dark soft sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
200 ml (3/4 cup) water


In a skillet, on a moderate flame, roast the peanuts until golden brown. Alternatively heat an oven to 200 degrees C/ 400 degrees F and roast for about ten minutes or until they darken, shaking them a bit half way through so that they roast evenly.

Allow the peanuts to cool a bit and then place them in a blender with the oil and fleur de sel and process until you get peanut butter. I like it chunky here and so I blend it until I get a smooth butter with chunks in it.

In a bowl, mix in the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and baking soda and sieve once to make the mixture uniform. Put in the jaggery or sugar, vanilla extract, water and peanut butter and mix with a whisk or a wooden spoon until well blended.

Heat your oven to 180 degrees C/ 350 degrees F. Place the batter into cupcake liners* and bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until a skewer or toothpick comes out clean.

*You might want to use 2 cupcake liners to get neat edges after baking.

Makes 9 medium sized muffins

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  1. Awesome recipe.. looks tempting 🙂

  2. Sharmilee says:

    Peanut and chocolate nice combination…looks yumm

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Pratiba Bhat, Anushruti RK. Anushruti RK said: The flavour of chocolate and peanuts come together in these vegan muffins http://fb.me/RAIN5x9v […]

  4. I must admit I’m one of those people who is not very confident about a vegan recipe but you are making me believe! Anushruti I love pictures lately. Love the mood, love the focus.

  5. Vedika says:

    Anu akka,
    Fantastic job, well, again! 😀
    It looks really heavenly. It tasted even better. 🙂
    Thanks for everything, again! 😀

  6. El says:

    They look great. You’re right about the began recipes but this definitely looks like an exception. Lucky sister too!

  7. Arundati says:

    Hey Anu…great recipe …am certainly going try this one over the weekend. Can I double the recipe for preparing more muffins & if that’s possible then what would the quantity of baking pwd & soda be..We tried the Mango Cheese cake recipe substituting the mango with strawberry puree…it turned out really nice..

  8. anna says:

    Hi anu..i have tried most of ur recipes and they are great. my son cant take peanuts. can i just omit peanut and do plain chocolate muffin…or i need to modify the recipe. thank you

  9. Anushruti says:

    Thanks everybody!

    Vedika: Any time for you!

    El: I’m lucky too, to have her in my life.

    Arundati: You could easily double this recipe. Just double all the ingredients including the baking powder and soda and bake! It’s great that you enjoyed the cheesecake and swapping the mango for the strawberries is wonderful in this season.

    Anna: Thanks. Can your son take in cashews or almonds? If yes, you could replace the peanuts with other nuts. If he can’t take any nuts at all, then yes the recipe needs to be modified a great deal. Let me know if you want that too.

  10. pankaja says:

    looks awesome!

  11. Always love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate…in fact love peanut butter in any form. Recently had Cheezit Cheese and Peanut Butter Crackers on an international flight and i loved it…imagine two tiny coin sized crackers, one caated wth cheddar cheese and one with peanut butter,stuck together to melt in your mouth…cheesy, salty, sweet and everything thats explosive…WOW…Love the clicks.


  12. urhegde says:

    hari is a lucky guy to get al this
    did he like this particular thing
    luvto u hari
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,pls pass it on

  13. Laya says:

    Dear anushruti,
    I love ur blog for the pics . Since u attempt great deal of Indian veg cooking, I was wondering if u could try out ant share a recipe for authentic hyderabadi biriyani . Cheers and keep up the fantastic work

  14. manya says:

    I was goin through this recipe and it really sounds nice.
    Can i make this in a normal baking tin instead of individual cups. My husband’s b’day is coming so i want to make this for him and i want it cake like.

  15. I have found that vegan bakes are great for those who enjoy natural flavors of food. I make these two and can vouch that they taste awesome:)!

  16. Swati Sapna says:

    hey, stumbled across your website recently and I love the recipes and especially the pictures! great going girl 🙂
    I jus baked some chocolate chip muffins recently – http://theweekendepicurean.blogspot.com/2011/03/whole-wheat-chocolate-chip-muffins.html
    am dying to try out more variations. so this recipe is bookmarked now, esp since i prefer eggless and non-butter options 🙂

  17. Manya says:

    hi Anushruti…i asked you abt baking this as a normal cake but got no response, anyway i did tk a chance a bake in a cake tin since i had no cup cake moulds. It turned out well but the center was a little sticky and how refused to become firm…is this cause i used a tin???Plz plz reply…..cause the cake was yummy and i want to make it for another get together next week….

  18. Anushruti says:

    Manya: I’m sorry if I didn’t respond to you earlier. I have not tried baking this whole, but from what you are telling me, I think you should increase you baking time by 10 to 15 minutes more for the cake to cook properly. Then you won’t have a problem.

  19. swetha says:

    hi….just one doubt can i use plain or powdered sugar instead of jaggery..will the muffin come out well if i try to change this..plzzzzzzzzz reply…

  20. Anushruti says:

    Swetha: Yes you can!

  21. shruti says:

    Hi Anushruti:

    Just stumbled onto ur blog yesterday when looking for a no-bake cheesecake recipe, and am already hooked.Love the layout of ur blog…:).Am dying to try out ur baked delights too but don’t have a microwave/oven as of now…can u pl. tell me whether u use a microwave or convection oven for baking ur cakes.It would shorten my quest for the right appliance immensely!Thanks and good wishes-Shruti.:)

  22. Anushruti says:

    shruti:I don;t use or recommend a microwave oven (pls refer my faq). Buy an OTG (bajaj or morphy richards) or a built in oven (siemens if your budget permits or kaff).

  23. ritu says:

    can i mkae it in microwave with convection mode.

  24. Vegan Chocolate Peanut Muffins » DivineTaste

  25. Jayashree says:

    Hi Anushruti,

    I very much appreciate how you present recipes with ingredients full of natural goodness. Thank you for sharing these recipes with us.

    I am dying to try this muffin as it has peanuts and jaggery(my fav combo). But I just now made a batch of cocoa based sweets. Will it be a good idea to adapt this recipe by skipping the cocoa powder part? Do I need to make some other adjustments to compensate for it? Thank you for your patient responses:)

  26. Jayashree says:

    Hi Anushruti. I finally baked this as a cake by doubling the recipe. It was yummy.Thank you. The flavor of peanut butter combines well with cocoa. Thumbs up! One clarification. I felt that my cake was somewhat crumbly. I used equal parts of white sugar and jaggery. Could that be the reason? Or have I overbaked it? I would love to bake this cake again and hope you will reply.

  27. Anushruti says:

    Jayashree: You could try this without cocoa powder too. Try using only jaggery the next time. Over baking also can make a cupcake crumbly. Try baking it only for 20 minutes.

  28. Daisy says:

    I am a bit confused with the recipe instructions.

    I have ready made smooth peanut butter. When do I use the 2 TBS of oil?

    When mixing the wet ingredients?

  29. nishita gandhi says:

    hey for this recipe can i use normal granulated sugar?? will it affect the muffins??

  30. Anushruti says:

    Daisy: Just mix in the oil into the butter.

    nishita: I use jaggery for this recipe. If you want to use granulated sugar then you could put it into the blender to powder it.

  31. Aruna says:

    Hello Anushruti

    I made these muffins today. Actually I baked them in the mini muffin tray. These are the best peanut butter muffins ever. So spongy and soft that they just melt in your mouth. Thank you very much for posting the recipe.

  32. Anushruti says:

    Aruna: Glad to know that you enjoyed this recipe.

  33. Megha says:

    Hi Anushruti,
    I baked these today. They look great. A couple of concerns. The muffin isnt coming out clean from it s liner although it s baked. I used Demarara sugar in the same quantity that you ve mentioned. The muffin tastes very less sweet. What could I do?
    I am a regular baker and I love your recipes. Cheers.. 🙂

  34. Anushruti says:

    Megha: the quantity of sugar mentioned is 3/4th cup for 1 cup flour. Some may find this sweet as well. Feel free to use more sugar. If the batter is not mixed well or is under baked, the muffins tend to stick to the liner. Hope this helps.

  35. Devasena Sistu says:


    I like the above recipe, and wanted to know if I can replace peanut butter with, Nutella, which is a chocolate flavored hazelnut butter and readily available. If yes! Please, let me know the ingredient proportions as I’ll not be using the cocoa too.

    Thanking in anticipation.


  36. Anushruti says:

    devasena: I’m not sure if nutella, which comprises of hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa and oil would work to replace the peanut butter here. It will be like changing the entire recipe. However, you can top the muffins with the nutella.

  37. Saranya says:

    Can I replace the maida with wheat flour ?

  38. Anushruti says:

    Saranya- Yes you can. It might be a bit crumbly though.

  39. Niyati says:

    Hi. Could you please share the recipe of only chocolate muffin without any nuts. Thank you.

  40. Anushruti says:

    Niyati- I have a plain chocolate cupcake recipe-http://www.divinetaste.com/archives/eggless-chocolate-cupcakes-with-glace-icing/

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