Welcome to Divine Taste by Anushruti! I'm Anushruti, a food writer, photographer, recipe creator and nutrition advisor based in Mumbai, India. My cooking style stems from ancient ayurvedic and sattvic cooking principles, incorporating dishes from around the world using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients! I'm here to help you create magic in your kitchen with dishes that will inspire and nourish you and your loved ones! Together, let's discover the joys and benefits of food that will delight your senses, invigorate your mind and touch your soul!

Sattvic Cooking

Sattvic Cooking is a lifestyle choice that brings about a harmony between the food we eat and our thoughts and actions. The principles of Ayurveda play a key role in this way of cooking. Sattvic recipes promote a sense of well being and positivity in our everyday life. Divinetaste.com has sattvic recipes devoid of meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, onion and garlic. The recipes are made using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients that seamlessly integrate the “sattvic” and modern ways of life. I invite you to try the recipes and experience a new level of joy and vitality that this manner of cooking brings to life.

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Featured Recipe

Mango Shrikhand | Aamrakhand

Once when I was in Bangalore and I was visiting my grandmother, she gave me a bowl of shrikhand that she had lovingly made with nutmeg and cardamom and charoli seeds. I cannot make Shrikhand and not think of her, more so now since she passed on in december. Ajji was a phenomenal cook and […]

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Nutrition and Wellbeing Consultancy with Anushruti

I offer exclusive consultation programs with a focus on holistic nutrition and lifestyle that leads to overall well being. I believe in an integrative approach that focuses on nourishing food and other attributes that go beyond portion control, counting calories and following ever changing diets. Making the right food and lifestyle choices leads to overall health and builds immunity towards diseases and I can help you to make those choices. The consultation program is held online and is available to people from all walks of life and from any part of the globe.

Upcoming Masterclasses & Workshops

I offer masterclasses, talks & workshops under a wide range of topics relating to Health and Wellbeing, Ayurvedic Cooking, Sattvic Cooking, Eggless Baking, Global and Indian vegetarian, Food and Nutrition. Stay tuned for more details.

Seasonal Cooking

Ayurveda recommends eating locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables. Seasonal food is known to be full of prana or life giving positive energy. This section of Divine Taste highlights the seasonal bounty given to us by mother nature.

Eating according to seasons brings about a balance between the body and the mind.

Divine Taste catalogues a number of recipes based on the seasons of India and the seasons of the West.

You can browse recipes in the Indian Seasons category and the Western Seasons category.

Eggless Baking

Eggless Baking has always been my forte and has been a strong point of divine taste ever since its launch in 2008. I have been overwhelmed with the number of comments, emails and testimonials I have received for my baking recipes over the past few years. My baking recipes have been tried and tested by students, homemakers and adapted in professional kitchens as well. My intention is to put forth many more eggless baking recipes that can create joy and happiness in the years to come.

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