Seasonal Cooking

Ayurveda recommends eating locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables. Seasonal food is known to be full of prana or life giving positive energy. This section of Divine Taste highlights the seasonal bounty given to us by mother nature.

Eating according to seasons brings about a balance between the body and the mind.

Divine Taste catalogues a number of recipes based on the seasons of India and the seasons of the West.

Indian Seasons or Ritus

In India there are six seasons or ritus (fixed or appointed time in Sanskrit) while other parts of the world have four seasons. The 12 month lunar calendar is divided into six ritus of two months each.

Vasant Ritu (Spring) is when nature comes to life after the cold winter. Fresh green leaves start to sprout and a variety of flowers perfumes the air with the magical aroma. Vasant ritu is between mid February to April.

Grisham (Summer) is when the sun is at its peak, the days are long, the sky is clear and small rivers and ponds run dry. The highlight of the summer is the mango season that fills the heart with joy. Grisham ritu is between May to July.

Varsha (Monsoon) is the rainy seasons when the clouds bring forth thunder and rain and give relief from the scorching summer heat. In Varsha ritu, nature sings its melody and if you are lucky you hear the sweet sounds of the cuckoo and see the dance of the peacock. Varsha Ritu falls between July to mid September.

Sharat (Autumn) is when some trees start to change the colour of their foliage and drop their leaves in preparation for winter. Sharat Ritu falls between mid September to Mid November.

Hemant (Pre Winter) is when it starts to get cold. The days are short and the nights are long and dawn brings forth fog and mist. Hemant Ritu falls between mid November to mid December.

Shishir Ritu (Winter) is when the weather is at its coldest and the mountains in the north are capped with snow. Winter also brings a lot of fresh vegetables and winter produce. Shishir Ritu falls between November to mid December.

Western Seasons

The westerns seasons can be classified into Spring (February to April), Summer (May to July), Autumn (August to October) and Winter (November to January).