Fruits and Prana

I wanted to show you all my fruit bowl with seasonal and year round fruits in it. 

According to the Sattvic Food philosophy fruits are rich in prana or positive energy and by eating fruits at the right time our body is imbued with this energy.

Fruits are best eaten on an empty stomach. This way our digestive system is able to assimilate all the goodness from them. To get the best out of eating fruits, it also vital to eat them when the sun is around as the sun's rays also play a part in helping us to get all the vitality from them. Indian Malta orange and sitaphal are currently my favourite seasonal fruits. I favour them more than the tart hybrid strawberries that dot the markets during this time.


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    1. Anushruti – simply and beautifully told. Love it. Do visit our school, Creative School in Bangalore. We follow a High Prana Food Diet. So you will love it.

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