Eggless Vanilla Cake With Chocolate Ganache

Those of you who have followed me here will know that I love to celebrate special occasions with cakes. When Hari turned 13 on the 10th of March, I had to bake a special cake for him, like I have been doing on all his birthdays. This 10th of March was special in many ways. It was not only his entry into teens, but it was also his first birthday without his paternal grandmother's call to start his day as she passed on in February last month.

Although the celebration was low key, a cake had to be made. And when I asked the birthday boy about the choice of cake like I always do, he asked for a vanilla cake with chocolate on it. I used my prized basic vanilla cake recipe for the base and topped it with a chocolate ganache and the result was stupendous. The cake was thoroughly enjoyed by Hari and his father. Since I have documented almost all his birthday cake recipes with you all, I had to share this one as well.

Hari was born the day before Holi, so as per the vedic calendar, his birthday is today which is also popularly known as "star birthday" in the south. The day before Holi is also celebrated as Holika dahan which signifies the triumph of good over evil. For me, it was the day that I was bestowed with one of life's most precious gift-my Hari!

Out of all the roles I have played in life, being a mother has been the best and most fulfilling. To the boy who adds so much cheer and meaning to my life! Happy birthday my darling Hari! From hearing you gurgle, speak your first words and now trying to decipher your #genz language, it’s been a memorable journey! Looking forward to the rest! Bring it on!


Eggless Vanilla Cake With Chocolate Ganache Recipe

A decadent vanilla cake topped with a creamy chocolate ganache

Basic Eggless Cake *

Chocolate Ganache *

Fruits for decoration (optional)


Make the cake as per the basic eggless cake recipe. When the cake is in the oven, make the ganache and allow it to cool down. After the ganache cools down, top the cooled cake with the ganache. Decorate with fresh fruits, dry fruits and nuts as per your choice.

  • Adding a few drops of orange extract gives a lovely orange flavour to the vanilla cake.
  • This cake requires half the ganache, so you can halve the ganache recipe or make the ful recipe and use it for another cake or as a topping over ice cream, desserts and puddings.




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