Whole Wheat Laddu | Godi Hittina Laadu

Diwali is approaching and I have lost count of the number of times I have spoken about Diwali in my childhood. If you happen to read any of my previous posts on Deepavali or Diwali you will know what I am talking about.

Lakshmi Pooja on Deepavali used to be a highlight in my parents place of work as friends congregated after an elaborate Lakshmi Pooja. The excitement of new clothes, delectable sweets and the joys of people coming together make festivals so special and unique.

Today I'm sharing a very special recipe from my paternal ancestral cuisine which is a the Havyaka Brahmin community. Godi Hittina Laadu is a very delicious and easy to prepare Laddu that can add joy to any festivity or celebration.

My aunt Indira had brought these laddus for me when she came to see me and Hari for the first time after he was born. These laddus are also made for Lakshmi Pooja during deepavali in the Havyaka community.

There are so many versions of Wheat laddus in India and this is one of the simpler ones with sugar. In the northern part of Karnataka wheat laddus are often made with jaggery and offered to Lord Rama. One of my favourite laddus is the Rajasthani Gond Laddu. I absolutely relish that. 

Since I usually make wheat laddus with jaggery, north Karnataka style, this was a pleasant change and we loved it! 

I even got a thumbs up from Hari who is growing up with a very discerning taste for food.

Diwali is such a special festival and if you make these homemade laddus, it will surely bring a lot of cheer to you and your family! But let me tell you that these laddus are so nice that they could be made for any festival. 

I wish you all happy festivities in these challenging times and may these laddus bring all the cheer into our lives.

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Whole Wheat Laddu | Godi Hittina Laddu Recipe

Delicious melt in the mouth laddus made with wholewheat flour and perfumed with fragrant cardamom seeds

100 gm (½ cup) ghee

140 gm (1 cup) whole wheat flour

1 tbsp raisins

1 tbsp cashew, chopped

220 gm (1 cup) raw or granulated sugar

4 cardamom pods, shelled


In a wok or a heavy bottomed pan, heat the ghee until it melts. Put in the whole wheat flour and roast until the flour is cooked and you get a toasted aroma, about 8 to 10 minutes, on low heat.

Stir in the raisins and cashews into the flour mixture and roast for a minute or two and turn off the heat. Allow to cool down completely.

In a blender, add the sugar and the cardamom seeds and powder until finely ground. Alternately use castor sugar and powder the cardamom separately.

Mix in the sugar into the cooled wheat flour mixture and form into laddus.

Makes 12 laddus


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