It was the year 2003. I had newly moved to Mumbai and on one sunny afternoon, had finished making some Tomato rice in my new kitchen. Mumbai being a melting pot of many cultures and having access to varieties of fresh ingredients led me to cook different dishes from varied cuisines. After I had finished eating the rice, I was captivated with the taste and feeling of satiation that this simple dish could bring to me. This was when I was inspired to take this to the world, although I had no idea how I would do it.

Growing up in South India, food had always fascinated me and I had fond memories of eating magnificent sweets, savouries and nourishing simple everyday food cooked by my mother who is an excellent cook and other family members during festivals and celebrations. As a six year old, I recall many holidays spent in my grandmother's Bangalore kitchen stirring vegetables in a kadhai and mixing pickles in a ceramic pot.

I took these memories into my kitchen while cooking my own food and at the same time began exploring this science and art of food and cooking. This made me conscious of what went into my cooking pot in the kitchen and our plates on the table. Researching and learning about ayurvedic food and cooking led me to discover how what we eat affects our bodies, the way we think and the way we tend to experience life and discovered that food plays a major role in shaping who we are!

All the dishes I cooked and baked be it a hot pot of rasam made in a traditional eeya chombu (an ancient tin vessel) or a perfectly baked cake iced with fresh cream and other embellishments began to inspire me to work with food.

As I started exploring this new world, there came a need to showcase my food in the best possible manner! This led me to discover the fascinating world of cameras, lens and tripods and I was thrilled with the way I could express myself through my photography. Along the way, my dormant passion for photography came to the fore and I now passionately take pictures for DivineTaste and record life through my lens as I travel, live and learn from life each day, many of my photos have been published in magazines and newspapers.

After writing for a leading publication, I needed a platform for publishing my recipes, thoughts and stories and after a couple of years of search for the right platform and tech support to execute my ideas, I started divinetaste.com in 2008 when I was 7 months pregnant with my son.

Although I took time to set up my site, once it was established, it led to media attention, workshop invitations, brand collaborations and digital/TV work. Right from hosting a workshop for the European Union, writing for BBC GoodFood, collaborations with brands like the Tata group apart from others, hosting food shows, designing menus and other assignments, practically all the work that I do is generated from this website. Amongst other accolades, Divine Taste has been featured by the Wall Street Journal Blog as well.

Divine Taste is my blank canvas where I showcase my carefully developed recipes and meticulously taken pictures interspersed with my food discoveries, stories and experiments. In short it is the space where all my three obsessions of writing, photography and food come together. Recipes as old as the ones cooked by many generations in my family and those collected and experimented from my travels and interactions with people from different walks of life share space here.

The idea is not just to share the recipes, but also to inspire and teach you to cook food that leads to over all well being. I also love stories behind the food, so you will find all my recipes with a story behind them.

I'm known for my precise recipes so you can take any recipe from here and be assured that you will be met with success. And if you have any doubts, you can always ask me in the comment section of the site or email me as well.
After starting this site, I got a lot of nutrition related queries and therefore I decided to get a degree in nutrition. I hold a post graduate diploma in nutrition and dietetics and specialize in ayurvedic nutrition.

Filming episodes of my shows "Divine Taste With Anushruti" and "Kiddies Corner With Anushruti" has been another highlight of my journey.

Anushruti's black and white picture

My focus here is on pure vegetarian and sattvic food. The vedas (ancient scriptures) classify food as sattvic (mode of goodness), rajasic (mode of passion) and tamasic (mode of ignorance). Sattvic food is known to create positive vibrations and subtly nourish the mind, intelligence and consciousness.

DivineTaste features recipes from around the world that have been adapted to be without meat, fish, eggs, wine, onions and garlic in keeping with the principles of sattvic diet and cooking methods. My great grand mother and grandmother created the most delectable, magical and pleasurable meals for their families using pure vegetarian ingredients and I'm happy to follow in their footsteps.

I consider myself fortunate to come from a family which is rooted in Ayurvedic traditions. My great grandfather was a vaidya (ayurvedic physician) and I grew up hearing stories from my grandmother about how he used to treat people for various ailments. Along the way he imparted precious secrets of medicinal herbs and spices to my grandmother who passed on the secrets to me. After years of study and research into wellness from the Ayurveda perspective, I now love to share my knowledge through my writings, shows and nutrition and well-being consultation sessions.

To read about me and for my professional bio, click link here.

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Want to know more?

Please check out my Nutrition and WellBeing Consultancy Page  for details about the consultancy and if you are interested to see the many ways you can collaborate or work with me, check my "Work With Me" section.

You can browse through the recipes, look at my pictures on flickr and stay connected through instagram,  facebook, twitter and pinterest.

If you like it here, make sure you never miss a new post by subscribing to the RSS Feed or have the posts emailed to you.

Additionally, there is an FAQ section and aMeasurements & Conversions page to make life easier when you cook. I truly hope you enjoyed your time with me and I look forward to seeing you again.

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  1. I want recipes of all the exotic stuff u make (ah my mouth is watering…. more so considering this stupid diet am on!!!) … of pineapple cake, dry-fruit cake, rajma, channa curry, minestrone soup, rajasthani dhal, layered biryani, arbi bake, rasam….. the list is endless…. RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES!!!!

  2. You've made a splash! Beautiful website, apt punchline! Looking forward to your many recipes, stories and photographs. This is only the beginning to a very promising future. Keep writing!! 🙂

  3. Congratulations!! Your Hard work and passion for Food Writing has finally shaped into this wonderful site. I love the Graphics and the Creative Photographs. I will be eagerly waiting for all the new posts to come..All the Best!

  4. Well suited sitename, liked the design and description given here..

    I'm sure after visiting this site many will be left hungrier for more!
    Maybe one day I'll try making these delicacies on my own, till then I would just stare, read 'n drool! 🙂

    keep posting and all the best for your new venture…

  5. Well done Anu!! congratulations on this great site!! and all the best in everything you do. And thank you for mentioning me in your post, i was pleasantly surprised. GOOD LUCK!

  6. Nice choice of colors. Catchy content and titles. A bit sparse over on the right. You plan to fill in with more of those yummy recipes?

  7. Now that you have launched this website, aptly named 'divinetaste', I can think of no one better suited than you – your Ammamma's granddaughter – to preserve and propagate the dying art of Havyaka cuisine.

    Your Narayananna

  8. Congratulations!! on being the author of a wonderful gourmet site. Perfect combination of colours, amazing presentations all n all a wonderful effort to display your passion on food and writing. Awesome, all the best

  9. All praises for your website!
    i just loved it! you have made the recipes look and sound soooooooooo interesting! The moment you enter the website , its a different kind of feeling!!! i really like the way you have attached facts to your recipes and tried to relate them with nature.a unique n interesting concept!
    The website is truly a masterpiece of your talent n hardwork and indeed a treat for the 'body, mind & soul'!

  10. Thanks to my Daughter Simi I had a look at the site. I would only say 'wow'. Most importantly, it had my favorite sweet dish "Kheer"….
    All the very best in all your endeavours.
    Great job being done.
    Congratulations and keep it up.
    Jayram C

  11. Fabulous pictures and a very neat website with rare recipes… wishing you good luck for the future posts and looking forward to them.

  12. My dearest daughter Anu,
    Today is one of the happiest day for me since you have started your website. I was unable to hold my emotions for the great job u have done. Simply commendable! As I know what ever u do, you will excel in it. I remember the day when u were an 8 year old kid making gavar Sabji & serving 20 of us with so much love & enthusiasm.
    Having won the Rolling Shield for Chemistry in college and with an MBA your going to make a scientific cook with a professional touch. My sincere prayers and wishes for your future.

  13. Ever since you told me about your upcoming site; a year and odd ago, I've been waiting 🙂
    Now that it's here, I'll probably be making the most hits on this page 🙂
    Loving your layout and photography 🙂

  14. first i liked the name of the site..and the photography, as i like to eat good food( but dont like to read and cook) i sure will ask my wife pooja to try your recepy ..anyways , all the best and waiting for more …

  15. Annu akka I am going to make the best use out of your website. The strawberry jam looks yummmmm.Photography is great. I think the website layout is very classic, the colours used are very soft and subtle. Kudos to you annu akka :)…. Congrats and All the very best!!!

  16. Hey wait! My comment is yet to come! Here it goes : "Photography – awesome, colour scheme & layout – awesome, niche recipes – awesome". To cut it short, awesome website is all I have to say!

  17. oh hi
    Itis lovely site .Long awaited. Must be giving you immence satisfaction.Looking forward to learn more and more on the site Wish you all the best.

  18. Hey Anu, First off… Congrats dear girl. The website looks perfect and the way you bring out each recipe is so warm and cosy! 🙂 While reading the comments i can only second Mihir here when he calls your food ‘Amazing’! Having tasted a few of your utterly divine recipes for almost 2 years. God! I still cannot forget the aroma of your saffron filled Kheer or your absolutely mind blowing pineapple cake. Sitting thousands of miles away i can smell, taste and get my taste buds rolling just thinking about it all. My comment here is going to be long so pls. bear with me Anu and the rest of the gang…..
    I just love the way you bring out the ‘meticulousness’ in your recipes Anu – crisp and to the point yet with details that will make all the difference when you start cooking!
    I know for a fact that your measurements are just so accurate. I mean being the normal cook i’m when measurements are accurate there will be no surprises waiting when i’m done…I love that
    About this recipe though, the first thing that caught my senses even before the strawberries were the JARS! 🙂 And lo behold what do i see the thoughtful and meticulous Anu once again who describes the container and the saucer and the just perfect way to make and store strawberry jams…awesome!
    I see the Indian version of Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart in the making and only better ‘cos you don’t stop with just Indian, you venture into Italian, french, Thai, Chinese and i’m sure you’ll be travelling all around the world one day turning people into vegetarians with just your utterly divine food Anu! Keep it rolling….


  19. Dear Anu,
    The Lord has always been kind to you. And now atlast after your sincere and meticulous endeavours the Lord is manifesting your calling in life. Life attains primary meaning only when we dedicate our services to the Lord and humanity beyond our tiny self.

    This marks the beginning of a long journey for you.
    I pray that this effort of yours will touch many souls and give them an opporunity to savour the divine taste which is the first secret door to liberation. My blessings to become an expert to open the secret door for hungry souls.

  20. Hey Anu….wonderful website…photography is simply amazing..You made cooking all the more interesting and colorful !!! All the best!!

  21. Hi Anushruti, your name itself is beautiful as you. Thank you for visiting Krishnaarpanam. Your blog too is very colourful and yet to venture the recipes. Keep in touch.

  22. Anuuuu

    The website is awesome the pictures are awesome and the recipes are awesome … every friend of mine who has seen the website is all gaga over it ….
    everything about the website has u written all over it coz its so wondeful in all its simplicity

    wishing u all the luck


  23. hey i forgot to tell u that i do also congratulate rohit for the website coz ive met very few ppl like rohit, he believed so much in your talent and encouraged u everyday … u both are such a wonderful couple …

  24. Wonderful to see this site Anu. Very professional looking and it shows your passion for food. We cannot believe that the little Anu is now making such a big statement in the world of food. Look forward to trying out your recipes.
    Congratulations on this big step and warm wishes and blessings for every success with it.

  25. EXCELLENT….! my whole family had a hearty look at your website and enjoyed very much…my mother appreciated some dishes being straight from our traditional kitchen…..KUDOS!

  26. Hi Anu….. I got to know about your web site from my niece who is a good friend of your sister. I belong to Coorg,a community which can eat non-veg all three meals, and also at the time of birth, marriage and death; but I am a vegetarian by choice, my love for animals made me become one. I really enjoyed viewing this site, as even at weddings and other occasions in Coorg, the vegetarian cuisine is given no importance, we always end up having the same sambhar,with all the possible vegeatble in it, rasam and some boring white rice. When my son got married i made it a point to specially select the vegetarian menu, and it was s much appreciated that even the non-vegetarians joined the veg que!!!
    I can go on talking about this, but the main reason i have given my feed back is, in Karnataka there is this very famous dish Akki roti, which is a real delicacy, i have got many recipes but none have turned out well, i was wondering if you would have any recipe and could share it with us on this site.
    I wish you all the best in this move to promote vegetarian cuisine. Looking forward to more exciting recipes.


  27. Ms. Somanna: There are many versions and variations of Akki roti in Karnataka. Don't know which one you are referring to. Will try and post some akki roti recipes soon. Thanks for your wishes.

  28. Thanks Anu….I forgot to mention we also make akki roti but it is with cooked rice and we do not use any oil. I am asking you for the recipe which has onions, coriander and oil in it. Thanks and i hope i am not asking for too much from you.

  29. Hey Anushruti..Congratulations..!! Its a amazing site and as many have already written above…Everything is perfect and it can only go on to become a masterpiece…great going…!!

  30. Hi Anushruti,

    Our daughter's name is Anushruti as well, and we thought it was a unique name until we found your website. We are passionate about food and photography so it is a great coincidence that the passion is shared. We hope our daughter grows up to do this kind of excellent work as well.

    From Sunnyvale, California,
    Aarti and Ananth

  31. Hi! The recipie for vanilla eggless cake with chocolate frosting is fabulous! I baked the cake for my parents' wedding day on 12th Sept:) It was a big hit!!! Thanks a ton! Keep up the great work!!!

  32. WOW…im speechless…maybe when u started Divinetaste i was too busy looking after my baby…so i missed this news. I used to see this on my facebook page but thought it was some application. Since i had to quit work after delivery, i ended up being a frustrated housewife and mother…i started trying different dishes but somehow everything tastes the same….but now that i happened to view ur site…im so very happy. Now starts my journey as a cook…thanks Anu, the recipes seem good and simple. ALL THE BEST.

  33. Anu akka , thanks for making tht yummy gravy for me. My nephew is the best. He is sooooooooooo cute. I love him.

  34. hi..im a partner at INSEAD..met seemantini when she was here and she was the one who showed me this site..i happened to go through it today..its jus amazin..i have gr8 interest in cookin n fell like tryin all ur wounderful mouthwaterin recipies..

  35. Hey its so nice to vist this website. Which gives so much info on food. I met ur mom, she is just in front of me while am draftinf this… She introduced this website to me…


  36. Hey Anu,
    This is Kavita(putti if u remember…)
    Congratulatios on being the author of such a wonderful site.The receipes ,photographs and everything abt the site is wonderful.
    I still rememeber enjoying the delicious food prepared by usha aunty ,specially fried rice…yummy yummy!!.. I must say U got all the talent from ur mummy..
    Keep up the good work ..


  37. Hi Anushruthi !!

    I got to know from Usha Aunty about dvinetaste during her last visit. Amazing !!!Fabulous pictures and and the recipies … what better association – than Divine taste! Congratulations to you and Best wishes for every success !

  38. Hello Anushruti,

    My search for an eggless dessert led me to your site and I am pretty impressed with the simplicity of the ingredients used in your recipes. I assume that this speaks about you as a person too. I was looking for an eggless strawberry cheesecake and I assumed that the search in google would lead me to a vegetarian recipe. But it was surprising that though the recipes were eggless they did contain gelatin. After quite a search, I landed up at this site. You have done a good job with this blog. I am waiting to try the recipe.


  39. First time I'm visiting this place 🙂 I find your site very soothing 🙂 Recipes are looking really great !!! I liked your coconut burfi recipe. I had made it using milkmaid and sugar. It tasted good but the shape was pretty much "not so shapely" I would say 🙂 The burfis You've made out of jaggery look very neat. Will have to try that. I'll be book marking your site 🙂 Will keep visiting back here 🙂 🙂 Thanks a lot 🙂 Take care 🙂

  40. Thanks for sharing your insight into food and the culture of all kinds of foods. best wishes. Jyothi McminnUSA

  41. Hi Anu,
    I hope you remember me I am Meera,I live where you used to stay earlier Vishweshwarnagar. Met mom yesterday she gave me the website id, your receipes are really great keep it up…. wish you all the very best . Do drop home next time when you are in Hubli,Hope you remember Ameya, Sumeet's class mate he is doing his architecture and Aishu is doing her Dentistry. Lots of love and good wishes.
    Meera Mahalingshetty

  42. Hi anu didi! The website is AMAZING! lots of interesting recipes. I'm going to try the spinach and potato with yogurt dish this weekend. Will let you know how it goes!




  44. hey ANU!
    when i 1st saw ur website,i was really surprised & above that i was very happy to see it…….
    u've done a wonderful work.ur recipes r really good.
    and the way u put them..step by step makes it easy to understand 4 everyone,coz the terms u use r common n simple to know….ur photography is excellent!!

    wishing u the best in life……
    Rakhee Jain

  45. hello anu!
    i am a south indian girl and a 9 th grader .
    i love enidblyton books. truely the discription of the food she tells are so great that u are compelled to make and taste them sometime in your life. i like yuor recipes very much . i will soon become a member of divinetaste. GOOD LUCK keep up the good work

  46. Hey Anu,
    It's through sheer luck i've come across this gem of a website, and i love it more coz it features some great eggless recipes (and i specifically refer to those divine looking strawberry and mango cheesecakes!! I couldn't believe it they were made without eggs and gelatin!)

    I've been searching for the longest time for easy-to-bake veggie dessert recipes and i think i have finally found them here! Can't wait to try them in my kitchen 🙂 Thanks & Keep up the great work!

  47. Hi Anushruthi!

    I am not sure if you remember me… we went to school in the same school bus at Sahanti colony/Vishweshwar Nagar – Hubli. Aah… if this dosent ring a bell… my grandma stays at Govardhan 🙂 I loved your recipies… but realized only today that you were the author of this webside! Excellent job!! 🙂 I love cooking too… but looking at what you have done… I feel I hardly know cooking! 🙂

    Well all the best again… and great going! 🙂
    Take care
    Nehal Shanghavi

  48. Dear Anu,

    Came across your blog when i was searching for eggless oatmeal cookies.Your recipe is simply amazing.Love the name of your blog.

    I have baked these cookies for Diwali.Everyone who tastes these cookies is impressed & asks for the recipe.

    Coincidently,I did my schooling in Hubli.We stayed at Keshwapur.I have refered your awesome blog to my daughter whose name is Shruti.My name is the same as your mother's….Usha.

    Happy Diwali to you & your family & all members of Divine Taste.

  49. Hi Anu,

    how are you?
    I am Jyoti ,Deepak's sister…if you remember.
    I still remember those times when we all(you,seemu ,keerthana ,pooja and myself)played together.
    loved your website….congrajulations…great job.
    I tried your coconut milk and tomato rice recipe…it really tasted divine…

  50. Thanks for the wonderful website. I have researched for eggless baking all over the internet, but yours is really THE best! And of course great pictures too. Two thumbs-up! I tried oatmeal cookies the other day and they turned out perfect the very first time. I have now decided to try each of your baking recipes every week end. My sons love when I bake at home. Thanks to you, I can be a good mom! Keep up the good work.

  51. Aparna: Thank you! That has to be one of the best feedback I have received. I'm really happy that I'm able to contribute in making you and your family happy in some way.

  52. Hi Anushruthi…I came across Divinetaste while browsing for Cheesecake recipe without the use of gelatine…& was mighty glad with the recipe you have posted.

    At home we are a crowd of 4 and love food!! it is a topic of discussion and idea sharing during our late eve. teatime..post work. Can I bother a bit …and request you to post the recipe for Sambar pwd.

    Thanks and keep up the great work

  53. Hi Anushruti, Your Recipes are a real cheer for me. I go through every line in your writeup and visualise the enthu, backend work and the time it takes to bring out Recipe write ups' like these with wonderful pics. Your art of writing shows up the passion and optimism you have towards life and also the calm and composed nature that is an absolute necessity to bring out a master piece everytime. More than your recipes…its your writing that impresses me and I keep going back to your website to read how well you weave it…Hats Off and All the VERY VERY Best….

  54. You have a gr8 website with all amazing recipes.I love the way you put across your thoughts.
    Very impressive writing and photography.

    Egg-less cake recipes are awesome.My son Saathvik is so happy when I bake a cake for him.
    Fantastic recipes….Thank you for sharing them.

  55. hey anu !! your writing skills are awesome . have been in bbay too for many years and i love it that u went there !! beautiful pictures and recipes ….happy cooking !! do check out my food blog 🙂

  56. I want to say a BIG Thank You for the wonderful, tasty, eggless recipes you post! I just became severely allergic to eggs last year and have had to steer clear of recipes that have eggs in them, especially baking which I loved! Your recipes are simply perfect! Your writing skills are also superb and so are the photographs (also a hobby of mine!) and this is one of few blogs that I enjoy reading! Keep up the fantastic blogging 🙂

  57. Dear anu
    I am fond of making puddings and cake.Do I have to join a course to learn proffessionally or seeing recipies are enough to make proper desserts.I like your recipies.Kindly guide and suggest.

  58. hey anu…
    today after the longest time i have browsed ur site and found some realllllllly interesting and easy recipes…now i am inspired to try them! someday soon maybe i'll send across a dish or two!!!
    what say neighbour…?

  59. Hi Anu,

    I've just stumbled across your website and wanted to say congratulations – you've done an amazing job. I'm yet to try any recipes but my mouth is watering looking at them and the great photos.
    Thank you for taking the time to compile such an amazing resource for us around the world – and free! Can't wait to try some out.


    (Melbourne, Australia)

  60. Hey Anu… How hav u been?
    Iv been wanting to scribble some words for long, infact I complimented Aunty about ur blog n today i decided tht’s it..
    This is an Exceptionally Beautiful n Divine blog… Refreshing, your presentation is Brilliant and Photographs are a Visual treat…
    It’s so hard to capture Goodness of simple food,and you capture it just right

    Extremely entertaining food blog

  61. Thanks for the recipes. I am going to try the Vegetarian Strawberry Cheese Cake. I was wondering if i could replace the strawberry with chololate? Would it still taste good?

  62. Hi anushruti,

    I am trying to view your receipe Stir fried vegetable with toasted sesame seeds but when i click on the link the archive page opens….plz can you rectify this error and mail me the post…i want to cook this so very badly.


  63. Hi
    Why is everything on yr site eggless??r u a strict vegetarian????by the way u look lovely-is that complexion for real????where r u in Mumbai ??cause I am frm Mumbai

  64. Hi Anushruti,

    I'm absolutely in love with your site, visiting it atleast twice in a day! The pictures and recipes simply wonderful. All turn out perfectly, with the precise instructions you give! What I love most is that they are all eggless – I do eat egg – but try avoid them in preparations as much as I can.

    I too am from Southern Karnataka (a Konkani), moved to Mumbai from Bangalore in 2006, after marriage, and now have a 1 year old. I couldn't help point out similarities!

    All the best & keep up the good work!

  65. Dear Anushruti,

    I have tried two your cakes so far: Mango cheese cake and Mascarpone cheese cake. I absolutely loved them.

    I am a vegetarian and it is so difficult to find good easy dishes, specially cakes, to make without egg and gelatin. Your recipes are so wonderful. Thanks for putting these online 🙂

    I recently got married and until now i never thought i'd enjoy cooking but now I not only love to cook but with your recipes I am actually getting lot of appreciation. 🙂

    However, I have had difficulty in finding some of the ingredients like Vanilla beans and even agar agar. Would it be possible for you to put brand or store where they can be bought?

    Thanks you so much.

    PS 1: Also, can I request you to put some recipes of Lasagna and quiche.

    PS 2: I am going to make the Golden Yellow Cake this weekend. I hope it turns out just the way you have pictured it 🙂

  66. Sneha: I'm so happy you enjoy this space! Love to your 1 year old!

    Pujya: Thanks for the feedback. Enjoying cooking for loved ones happens to most of us after marriage! Glad you are too! 🙂 And its great that you are getting appreciated for your efforts….isnt it?

    You can find vanilla beans in most gourmet stores of these 5*hotels. And also Godrej nature's basket. Agar agar can be found in old (kirana) stores!

    Will definitely put your request for Lasagna and Quiche in the cue!

    Hope your golden yellow cake turned out well! All the best!

  67. Hey Anu,

    First of all I wish to tell you, I loved these two pictures, they are brilliant- "Like a page from a Fairy tale", "Bridal Charm" .. 🙂 .. I was going through Divya's blog(I was looking for a Pineapple Cake Recipe) .. when I blog hopped to yours.. and I am just hooked, I am reading recipe's one after the other.. I loved your recent post the Semolina Laddus ..they are so tempting, I wish to make them asap! 😀 .. I just love the lay out of your work and your Blog.. 🙂

    Well You have got yet a another follower 🙂 ..


    Megha.. 🙂

    P.S. Glad to come across your blog, and a much prettier Blogger 🙂

  68. I m in love wid ur recipes…………..
    Jus awesomely mindblowing…….
    Wanna try each n every one of the jain ones……..
    Lookin frwd to more n more of them frm ur end

  69. Though it is the first time I am writing to you, my mother and I are avid
    readers and great fans of your blog. We have tried some of your recipes and they
    have come out great! We especially appreciate the interest you take in
    presenting the food. In this age of unbalanced living, my mother was admiring
    your deep family values. We were simply thrilled to find a blog full of eggless,
    oninon-and-garlic-free recipes and my mother felt it is a boon she came across
    this! Do continue to cook, photograph, share and inspire! 🙂

  70. Hey – would u have some recipe for a cooker cake. No Oven in mysore – only microwave – if u have a never-fail recipe for microwave cake!

    U'r site is my one stop shop for eggless recipes! Trying golden yellow cake today! shud i try it in a microwave to see if it works?

  71. Thank you everybody…truly touched by what you all have to say!

    Priya: A microwave oven is something I never use and if you want perfectly baked goods I suggest the use of a proper oven (refer my eggless baking FAQ)! Please try the cake in your OTG…use the correct measurements, right size of tin and bake at the right temperature…you will have a gorgeous cake. 🙂
    unfortunately at this point in time I dont have a pressure cooker method. Will let you know if I test something. Sorry about that!

  72. Hi Anu,

    I visit your website frequently and I have tried out a few recipes. They turned out to be a big hit. I absolutely adore the photography and the detail descriptions for each recipe.

    I was going through the recipe for eggless cookies(both vanilla and saffron) and found that you use plain flour. Can you please let me know if plain flour is the same as maida/all purpose flour? I live in the US and I could not find plain flour in the grocery anywhere. Is there a substitute for plain flour that I could use? Thank you.

  73. Hiranmayi: I'm happy to know that you like it here! Plain flour is all purpose flour. You can also substitute it with part whole wheat flour as given in the headnotes of the recipes for a healthier version.

  74. Hi! I stumbled upon your site while searching for an eggless pumpkin pie recipe (for the rapidly-approaching Thanksgiving, here in the US), and I'm so glad I did! Your site is beautiful and everything you make looks amazing. Thank you for your blog, I can now happily make all the desserts I love, WITHOUT EGGS, so my baa can enjoy them too! 🙂

  75. Hey there! I happend to go through your website as i was searching for that perfectly baked chocolate cake! And i tried out the eggless chocolate cake with ferrero rocher/nutella icing!! It was just what i was looking for! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!! Your other recipes are also very good! Do keep up the good work :-)…

  76. Hi Anushruti,
    I have been silently following your blog for a long long time now. I have tried many of you wonderful dishes that turned out quite wonderfully and now I am totally hooked. I am not that big a cookery shows/blogs follower but in yours I can sense your great passion for the art of cooking, love for your family and the kindness with which you like to feed people. I love and admire your ability to so beautifully share your secret findings with the world.

    You are not only talented but you are also a very good person – i am sure you have heard that before!!

    I look forward to learn more and more from you 🙂 Happy cooking and I can't wait for the Christmas and New Year specials!!


  77. Hi

    My name is Mamatha and I am from Bangalore. I chanced upon your website this summer when I was searching for a mango cheesecake recipe. I tried out yours and it was a hit:) And needless to say I was hooked! Since then I have tried a few of your recipes (I must confess I am not really a good cook. I manage as long as I follow the recipes to a t!) This year I also baked my first cake ever….eggless almond cake with chocolate buttercream icing…for my daughter's 4th birthday. Now here's the interesting part…one of the people who tasted the cake was my niece Chaitra. I told her I got the recipe from your website and it turns out that she is a friend of your brother! In fact she even sent him an sms right away. What a wonderful coincidence:) I have been meaning to write to you ever since but finally got around to it now. I really want to thank you for the great recipes you post:) And your superb photographs too!


  78. Pragati: How nice to hear from you! Thank you for your sweet and kind words.

    Mamatha: Nice to hear from you! I do vaguely remember my brother mentioning something. So happy you had success with my recipes.
    Look forward to hearing more from you.

  79. Hi Anu,
    I am not one of the best cooks, nor have i an incling to it. Since my hubby is a foodie and my lil one has her dad's taste buds, i am managing to somewhat cook now. Baking has been a remote adventure until now, when i have to make a "princess" eggless cake for the princess. i came across your site… the name itself got me into it. 🙂
    I tried out your pineapple cake recipe.. it came out not so bad, for my first time baking ever, i think its quite good!!

    I just love the way you explain things with your pics… Wish you all the best and keep up the "divine" work.. 🙂

  80. Anushruti,
    Hi, let us see if you can place who I am. We have met and I have tasted your wonderful food. I wanted to gift my husband something special today, and Thank God I just found your website "Divine Taste"and forwarded it to him right now. Both he and I love to cook and love vegetarian food. So this is a good website I found today. Thank You.The website looks interesting and very well presented. I haven't gone through it yet, but am very sure it will be full of wonderful very tasty recipes. I will tell you which recipes I liked after I go through them. Good Luck and keep up the good work.

  81. Hi anushruti,
    I'am a per son who believe food is divine. This is with us in all our moods.
    Jus dropped in here today and believe me the journey was superb. Being a Kannada Brahmin can easily relate…..and ur food looks soo good.
    Thanks for making me believing in my belief more…..food is indeed divine
    All thebest to u
    Lots of luv and wishes

  82. Kalpana aunty: I admit, I couldnt place you at first, but a quick google search revealed your identity :-), the mother of one of my dear friends Saloni! So happy to hear from you. Thank you for your comment.

  83. Hi,

    I just happened to land on your site from google search and I am very happy to come across this great site. I also prefer cooking food the satwick way. I would like to try many of your dishes and add them to my blog too (http://brahmarpanam.blogspot.com/). I ll update you as I make any dish and add them to the blog.


  84. hello anushruthi, – as i just came home from south india ( i visited india for the first time ) and loved being there very much – actually fell in love with the countryside, felt a lot of good spirit among the people and of course loved the food – i just surfed for some good recipes – your site is much more than that, and now i will be trying your huli – thanks and be well, yours, iris from haifa, israel

  85. Hi,
    Ventuno would like to provide content specific videos for your websites. The aim is to bring in content relevance, hence impact revenue positively. Request to talk to you on the same at a convenient time. Appreciate a response. Thanks. Jayadev . +91 7305229226

  86. Hi Anushruthi…I came across "Divinetaste" while browsing for some special dishes for this GouriGanesha festival….I am very very happy to come across this blog and to know about the nice recipes .Recipes are also very good, as they are 100% vegetarian dishes:-)Loads of appreciation for your this work.Thanks a lot 🙂 Take care 🙂

  87. Hi Anushruthi…I came across “Divinetaste” while browsing and I was surprised to see that your business name is the exact same as mine which I have used since 1983. I'm not offended in the least because I have been blessed with great customers over the years and they have complimented my finished products similar to the way your comments are exemplorary of your work. As I am approaching retirment,I hope that you and other Divinetaste businesses that I have seen on the web will be contiually blessed and highly favored! This was indicative of my slogan as well…DIVINETASTE, "Where the Food Is Divinely Blessed and Highly Flavored".

  88. Hi Anushruti your blog is a classic art piece to me as the pictures inspire me to cook the recipe instantly.
    Please keep blogging regularly.

  89. Hey
    Your gluten free recipes look good!
    Can you keep adding more vegetarian gluten free recipes from various other global cuisines?

    Thanks heaps!
    Keep up the good work.

  90. hey u look lovely tooo and also ur exotic cooking…. i mean more i say for ur cooking the less it is… u gave me a good way to start an easy for cooking…

  91. but i would ask u one thing mozzeralla cheese is made with help of rennet tablets, that one get either from cow or goat when it gets slaughtered… so can u tell about making home made vegetarian mozerralla cheese….

  92. hiii,

    i want to learn how to make a wipping cream at home… if u could post realted to that…
    i will be very thankfull to you

  93. hi Anu,
    Great site.. lot of stuff. worth it

    I lov satvic food and even cooking but unfortunately im a quite new .. learning now..

    i was wondering is there anything (recipe) on Steam cooking of sabjis on satvik basis

    any sabjis by you here..

    pls help..

  94. Dear Anushruti,

    I read your post about your son's disslike of milk.

    I was at war with my mother about milk when I was growing up, only to discover many yearslater that I'm blood type O and have a natural aversion to cow's milk.

    Hope your son is welland happy!

    My best to you and your family,

  95. Hi Anushruthi,

    I just came through your blog while surfing the net today. Great blog with lovely photos.
    But one great doubt I have in mind is, you have a wide range of baked stuffs over here, but how safe the microwave oven is for health. Lot of researches have prooved that you definitely get cancer by eating the foods made in microwave oven. Radiationa are highly carciniogenic in nature. you can get lot of information regarding this on net. Just type "Harmful health hazards of microwave oven" in google. What do you say for this and how to you justify the safety of your baked foods?
    Please clarify this..

  96. Hi Anushruti 🙂

    I came across 'Divine Taste' a few days back and I must confess,I am kind of hooked ever since..
    We have a lot of things in common like being elder sister to a bro and a sis to learning cooking from grand moms to love for saatvik cuisine to being Krishna devotees 🙂
    I love the way you present the recipes here- neat,clear and easy; not to forget the lovely family tales and photographs. You Rock!!!
    I have tried a lot of your recipes- blueberry muffins,rava laddoos,7 cups barfee,baked vegetables,okra and pizza.. Your recipes have always worked and worked wonders!! My husband vouches for it! 🙂
    So thank you for all the magic you are spreading through your talent! 🙂 god bless..

  97. Hi there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that
    it's really informative. I'm gonna watch out for brussels.

    I'll be grateful if you continue this in future. A lot of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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  99. I came across ur blog when i was browsing in the net…i liked the statement that our food intake helps us to shape ourselves…coz i too believe in the same..
    looked at few recipes..i liked it..i was happy to see a havyak category also as i am a havyak…

  100. Hi anu, I have been cooking the same recipes atleast for 15yrs now but never felt passionately about it till I chanced upon your site. My functional cooking has now turned into passionate cooking. The images & description on the site make me swell with pride that I am cooking such divine recipes, make me appreciate my work better and view cooking as an art rather than a chore! Keep writing about food, so that avid readers like me can draw inspiration from it and perform well each day where no certi ficates or diplomas showcase our achivements–only empty plates and satisfied smiles reward our work! I drink from your fountain not only due to thrist for inspiration & motivation but also for ready reckoning as my relocation to California from Bangalore has left me bereft of my mother, aunts and grandmoms and neighbours in a completely different time-zone slumbering away to glory while I stand in my kitchen wondering what, how and how much to cook? You are now my friend, philospher and guide in an alien country. Thanks again!

  101. Dear Anushruti,

    As u have correctly mentioned that our mothers/grandmothers/great grandmothers prepared SATVIK Food adding a lot of love not only for the benefit of the eaters but also the ingredients used.My wife has gone to her uncl's (my in lwas )house for 3-4 days and now I am the king of the kitchen.So I thought of preparing HULI,my favourite because my amma prepared delicious HULI.While searching I crashed into ur site.My pleasure doubled because not only I found the right recipe but also came to know that u too r Kannadiga Brahman like me.

    As ur amma had mentioned in one of the comment I LOVE to prepare satvik food treating it as HOLY ACT just as I do my pooja with divine concentration.
    Thanks a lot .

  102. Vijaya: I'm surprised as to why I havent replied to you. I fondly cherish your words. Thank you so much for your kindness.

  103. Hey Anushruti,

    I am Aman from pune, i am looking forward to start a jacket potato brand, i need a product developer for the same. If you can be of any help or you know someone, please let me know.

    Thank You
    Aman Talreja

  104. Searching for vegetarian food came across your website.
    Awesome, All your recipe looks great. Start to try and enjoy your recipe.
    God bless
    Thanks a lot,


  105. Hi Anushruti, Hope all fine at your end, why no posts from such a long time..? Missing them…:-) Regards, Ashwini M Nasi

  106. I used to receive your posts in my email. or the newsletter!! What happened? suddenly I haven't received any in the last few months!!
    Hope all fine with you and family. may be your are travelling!

    Best wishes Jayasri

  107. Ashwini: Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately I was involved in a project that took away time from here. Hope to rectify it soon.

  108. Hey Anushruti, Thanks for the response and so good to see the new post…way to go…Best Wishes-Ashwini.

  109. Hi I love your website, especially since it has eggless cooking. Simple recipes, mouth-watering sweets and desserts, easy to follow instructions, lovely pictures, well done!

  110. Dear Anu,
    Thank you for this website. You are so beautiful and your food looks so tasty and amazingly appetizing. I will definitely remember to come back to your site again and again. I am a foodie lover living here in the U.S.

  111. Hi, I had sent you a message yesterday. I am sure that you are very busy. I am sorry to disturb you.
    Thank you.

  112. Hi I m sheefali my passion for cooking found your website its so helpful n I started my work kalpnik bhoj

  113. Hi Anu, your recipe for Kulfi sounds very flavoursome. I just need to get some kulfi moulds and will write back with some feedback. Not many aluminium mould (actually none in fact) suppliers here in Australia. Will see if there's any suppliers that ship to AUstralia from India. Your website is very informative and creative with it's postings of recipies and ideas. Keep up the great work.

  114. Thanking You with whole heart dear Anushruti. One mother can only understand another mother very well . So here you have brought up a very good work n easy effort for all mothers as well. Very excited n really awaiting to try all your Recipes (Tambli, Ajwain Tamator Bendi,waffles, Burger , Pan cakes n what not ). I'm busy watching n only watching your videos than cooking . I love the way you cook n present .Apart from this the appreciation from our own children gives more happiness than from others. I guess u had this long ago the way your Hari is enjoying. Hearty Congratulations and All the Best for more Success.

  115. Hello Anushruthi,

    Many Thanks for all your wonderful recipes!!!! I have tried many of them and all of them turned out very delicious. I have become a big fan of you 🙂

    If you dont mind may I ask you were you buy all the gorgeous jewelry from? You look so beautiful.

    All the best. Wish you loads of success!

  116. Shruti- Thank you for your feedback and wishes. The jewellery I wear is collected over the years from different places. I don't buy form a single source.

  117. Hello,

    I tried some of your baking recipes and they turned out really well. Thanks for that.
    I would like to request if you can also share the rusk recipe. They are one of the main things we buy in winters and it would be really awesome if we can bake it at home fresh and healthy. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  118. Hi Anushruthi,

    I follow your blog regularly and now follow your videos. In your blog you mention about not using microwave oven, nonstick utensils etc. but I see that you use them in your videos. I had asked this question before but my question was not approved. Hope to hear from you this time.


  119. Shilpa- Be assured, that I practice what I preach. My videos on Rajshri Food are shot in my home and I don't own a microwave oven or non stick pans. And I use Le Creuset cookware which is cast iron cookware with the beautiful black cast iron body or cast iron with enamel coating. I also use cast iron available in the Indian market.

  120. Hello!
    Anushruti, thank you for your recipes and wonderful photos and video. It is a pleasure to watch them. Once I randomly browsed youtube for healthy recipes and saw one of yours videos. And I saw that you have the picture of our beloved guru Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and was even more attracted to your website. Can I ask you if you follow his teachings or it is something else that made you bring his picture on your kitchen?

  121. Oxana- Thank you for your compliments. I follow the teaching of Prabhupada and my cooking philosophy is based on His teachings. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  122. Always will use your recipes for inspiration as there are not that many Pure Vegetarian People that freely post videos and blogs. Good Luck For The Future

  123. Hi, Accidently stumbled upon your website….. This is a goldmine for me as we are a complete veg family…. No eggs, No meat, No fish….. PLEASE KEEP IT GOING !!!!!!
    And Good Luck !!!!

  124. Hi Anushruti,

    I have been always trying your recipes i live in dubai here i have been using gas oven so I don't have much idea about microwave but since this year I'll be moving to India I would need yout sujjection and would like to know which microwave you use?

  125. Dear Anu….love your blog and recipes a lot. The stories and memories associated with them make them a lot more than just a recipe. However a suggestion… If you could please include recipe names below the photographs, it becomes easy while searching in the archives. As this way, one can immediately click on the recipe that one is looking for. Hope this will help everyone. Awaiting your classes and an occasion to meet you in Mumbai soon. All the best.

  126. Shereen: Thanks for your interest in divinetaste. I'm so sorry, but I don't use a microwave oven so I cant help you with it. I would suggest you to go in for a built in oven or an OTG which is easily available in the Indian market.

  127. Hi Anushruti ma'am
    Happy day! I'm reaching out because I'm an avid reader of your work on your blog – Being a beginner into food blogging, I love reading and learning from your site.
    I am Vimal Varerkar from Mumbai, Maharashtra and after retirement I decided to start my YouTube channel “The Food Shots” and also do food blogging alongside.
    Just in November we had our first series called “Diwali Delights” and recently I uploaded a new and innovative recipe on my channel and blog called “Vada pav Revamped”. And we have decided on many more recipes and series and take a pace in 2021.
    Would you be interested in checking it out? I'd love to see what you think.
    Let me know if you're interested, and maybe you can give a shout out to our channel or feature any of our recipes.
    It will be of a great help for our fresh blog and we’ll be grateful to you forever.
    Thanks, The Food Shots

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