National Handloom Day

In one of my folders, luckily I found a picture that I hadn't yet posted, taken in my mother's home a few months before the pandemic hit, to share on #nationalhandloomday today.

Handlooms have been such an intrinsic part of my life. Handlooms portray our identity, tradition and heritage. They are symbolic of a culture spanning thousands of years and tell the stories woven by artisans and weavers in the form of magnificent threads, colours and designs. On this day and all the other days that I don handwoven clothing, I acknowledge with gratitude the weaving community in India that is unmatched in its diversity and dexterity anywhere in the world.

So many weaves to explore and to adorn! Let us all pledge to support our weavers on this day by embracing Handlooms be it in a form of a simple cotton saree or an elaborate weave or even handwoven material that can be stitched into whatever we desire. I’m wearing a handwoven cotton kurta as I type this and I am most comfortable in it.

In this pic I'm wearing one of my most favourite weaves without which no celebration is complete in south India: a beautiful Kanjeevaram saree.


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