Spiritual Fasting: Ekadashi

Fasting has been done for ages for various benefits; political gains, health goals, losing weight and spiritual fasting being some of the end goals.

Fasting has also been a tradition in all the major religions of the world be it Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and others.

Fasting has immense health benefits if down the right way. The ancient Vedic scriptures from where Ayurveda originates recommends fasting for many occasions during the year. One such fasting is the Ekadasi fasting (Ekadasi is the eleventh day after each full moon and the eleventh day after each new moon) done by thousands of people following the Vedic tradition. Ekadasi fasting is done in various ways-complete fasting, fasting with water, fasting with only fruits, fasting with fruits and milk and milk products, fasting with root vegetables that are simply spiced and nuts like peanuts and fasting from grains and beans which means fasting from rice, wheat, beans, corn, peas, dals and spices mixed with flours like asafoetida.

While fasting has immense benefits good for the body and mind, spiritual fasting is for our deepest self or our very core that illumines our bodies.

These cashews that can be made with simple spices is just one of the things that I make on Ekadasi days. This can be enjoyed as a snack or a side on other days as well.

Find the recipe to make masala cashews here: https://www.divinetaste.com/kaju-masala-cashew-masala/

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