Ayurvedic Superfoods: Ginger

Ginger is an essential part of Indian cooking and is used across the subcontinent to prepare delicious preparations. This is a testimony to the fact that food is medicine as it is highly revered in Ayureveda.

Ginger is known as "Vishwabheshaja" or universal remedy for all ailments. It increases the digestive fire, improves digestion, absorption and assimilation of the food we eat. Ginger is also very good for circulation and heart health. Since it relieves congestion, it has been used as a domestic remedy for cough and cold for hundreds of years. 

Fresh pieces of ginger sprinkled with salt and lime juice taken just before a meal is very good for kindling the digestive fire or agni. This also has palate cleansing properties. I love the tingling, refreshing sensation that I get when I chew on a piece of fresh ginger. Ginger is also an essential spice for reducing ama or toxins in the body.

Ginger Tea made with water boiled with fresh pieces of ginger, with or without a sweetener of your choice can also be very very refreshing.

Ginger is also an essential part of my cooking and is a must have ingredient in my kitchen. I have many recipes on my website with ginger and if you are looking for inspiration to integrate ginger into your cooking, you can look for ginger recipes under ingredients in the recipe index of my website divinetaste.com


    2 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Superfoods: Ginger

    1. I love fresh ginger but I read somewhere that ginger powder is also good, depends on season. When is the best time to use fresh and dry ginger?

    2. Depending on constitution both types of ginger can be used throughout the year. Dry ginger is more potent so less quantity is required.

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