Winter Special Sabudana Kheer | Sago Pudding with Jaggery

Today is the last day of 2021 and just like that another year flew by! As years are going by, I’m getting more conscious about how I live my day, and my life. I’m realising more and more that Life is a precious gift to be used in a meaningful way and every moment is precious. 

I’m going to be spending some time today reminiscing about the year gone by and setting goals for the new year. 2021 was a mixed bag for all of us as we battled the second wave of the pandemic here in India and lost a few loved ones too. 

Personally, there were many highlights in 2021. I started my health and well being consultancy and signed on a very important project. I can see that I have more things to be grateful for as the years go by and I count my blessings each day! 2021 was also a year of huge learning for me as I read and heard many meaningful books, further enhanced and strengthened my spiritual practice with deep meditation and other rituals. I also delved deeper into Ayurveda and gave talks on many forums.

2022 is a blank canvas waiting to be explored and filled with many exciting projects that will hopefully be of service to all of you. 

Cooking  fresh, nourishing and delicious meals brings balance and vitality. 2022 is also a year that I’m looking forward to sharing more about creating simple and nourishing meals using the timeless principles of Ayurveda. 

Today I’m sharing a simple, nourishing and delicious kheer recipe with you all with ingredients that are particularly good for the winter. Winter is a time when the digestive fire is strong so make sure you nourish yourselves with warm and comforting foods that will give you strength. Choose freshly cooked meals with seasonal vegetables. Root vegetables, peas, winter greens, winter carrots and other vegetables, fruits like apples, papaya, chikko and custard apple are all good in this season. Jaggery is particularly good for the winter season and so are spices like ginger, turmeric and pepper. Don't forget to include good fats in your diet like ghee and cold pressed oils like sesame oil and mustard oil. 

Enjoy this delicious bowl of comfort as a treat, dessert or even breakfast. See you all in the new year!

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Winter Special Sabudana Kheer | Sago Pudding with Jaggery Recipe

A creamy, comforting pudding made with sago pearls, jaggery and dried fruit, spiced with dried fruits and dry ginger.This special dessert is particularly good for the winter because it has jaggery and ginger in it.


75 gm (½ cup) sago pearls

2 tsp ghee

1 liter (4 cups) milk (preferably raw and organic A2 milk)

2 tbsp golden raisins

2 tbsp charoli nuts, toasted (optional)

¾  tsp dry ginger powder

4 cardamom pods, shelled and powdered

220 gm (1 cup) jaggery powder



Wash and soak the sago in water for 20 to 30 minutes. Drain the water and keep aside.

In a wok, heat the ghee and put in the soaked and drained sago pearls. Stir well as this will prevent the sago from sticking together.

Pour the milk into the sago, mix well and bring the milk to a boil. After the milk comes to a boil, add the raisins and the nuts if using. Sprinkle in the ginger powder.  If you want a nice kheer like consistency cook for 8 to 10 minutes. If you want a thicker gel like consistency, cook for 20 to 25 minutes more. 

Turn off the heat and stir in the cardamom powder and jaggery powder. Mix well, say a prayer with gratitude and serve hot, warm or cold. 

Serves 4 to 6. 




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5 thoughts on “Winter Special Sabudana Kheer | Sago Pudding with Jaggery

  1. I have been making this with coconut milk instead of dairy and it tastes divine! I just need to constantly stir it and followed rest of the recipe exactly. Such a nourishing dessert!

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