Jaggery And Wholewheat Flour Halwa (Gud Aur Atte Ka Halwa)

Jaggery And Wholewheat Flour Halwa (Gud Aur Atte Ka Halwa)

It was a sunny July afternoon when we stepped into Sulochana aunty’s home for a typical Rajasthani lunch. My sister and I have been fans of her authentic Rajasthani Dal Baati for years and this time when we were visiting our parents home we couldnt miss an opportunity to relish the same when she invited us over.

My mother, sister, me and Sulochana aunty sat over a long lunch with lingering conversations, but what lingers till today in my memory is the warm Gud Ka Halwa that she quickly prepared to satisfy our sweet tooth.

My mother makes this halwa with sugar and since I’m a big fan of sweets made with jaggery, this immediately caught my attention. The exquisite sweetness of the jaggery with the velvety smooth and soft texture of the halwa arising from its other main ingredient, wheat flour proved to be soothing and comforting to us.

I have cooked this halwa many a time with different varieties of jaggery and each time based on the percentage of molasses in the jaggery, I have had different results in the range of sweetness and varying degrees of richness of colour. It is best to use unbleached jaggery to get that authentic and earthy taste in the halwa.

Since this is a rich halwa, you can serve it and relish it in small quantities but I would suggest you to not skimp on the ghee. Good quality cow ghee is very important to give halwa its character and that traditional and ancient appeal.

You can serve this plain or garnished with toasted nuts of your choice. Since it hardly takes a any time to put together, this is a great recipe to serve unexpected guests in the festive season. This is a great dish to make when you have company.

Or just make some halwa to sit by yourself and drown in its relaxing comfort and be prepared for the calming effects it has on your person. Savour this halwa with your friends and family or all by yourself, I assure you you can’t escape its wonderous repercussions.


Jaggery And Wholewheat Flour Halwa (Gud Aur Atte Ka Halwa) Recipe

I like to eat this plain but you could add nuts like cashews and almonds or raisins fried in ghee. 


100 gm (1/2 cup) ghee

105 gm (3/4 cups) wholewheat flour or atta

375 ml (1 1/2 cups) water

220 gm (3/4 cup) unbleached jaggery

4 cardamom pods, crushed to a powder


In a saucepan, mix in the jaggery and the water and heat until the jaggery dissolves completely. Do not allow it to boil.

In a heavy bottomed pan, heat the ghee on a medium flame until it melts. Once the ghee melts and you get the golden coloured liquid, characteristic of ghee put in the flour and roast on low heat, until the wheat flour acquires a golden brown colour and acquires a toasted aroma, devoid of the raw smell of the flour. This should take about 8 or 10 minutes. You need to keep stirring this mixture all the while, to make sure that the flour doesnt stick to the bottom of the pan and get burnt.

Once the wheat flour acquires that nice brown colour after cooking to the point just before it begins to burn and turn black, pour in the jaggery water into the toasted wheat, carefully avoiding any splatter.

Whisk well until the mixture turns smooth and cook for a minute more.

Stir in the cardamom powder, mix well and serve warm or at room temperature.

 Serves 4 to 6

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37 thoughts on “Jaggery And Wholewheat Flour Halwa (Gud Aur Atte Ka Halwa)

  1. Stunning cutlery! And what a friendly dessert – no hassles of ingredients and gets cooked in no time. If desserts were friends, this would be the best.

  2. I luv this halwa!!! Ate plenty when expecting my first child and he loves halwa oncein a way too. Must try with normal jaggedly cos the organic jaggery was nt as sweet

  3. Sonia: Aww..that was pretty fast! Thanks for the feedback!

    Ambika: Yes..try jaggery instead of sugar and you will be pleasantly surprised!

    Simi: Well said!

    Priya: This is a real treat for would be mothers!

    runnergirlinthekitchen: Thanks! Those bowls and spoons are my mother-in-laws and I shot these pictures when I was visiting my in laws in Bangalore.

  4. Hi! Love this post! My Grandma and Mom make this all the time! We Gujaratis never make this with sugar. We call it sheera and I've grown up eating this.. Thanks Anushruti this brings back such fond memories! I'm going to make this again today itself! And I swear by organic jaggery. It has such a lovely earthy color to it 🙂

  5. I use to make this halwa for my toddler breakfast but nvr thought of adding jaggery instead of sugar. Thanks for letting us know such a quick recipe. Happy diwali in advance. God bless u n may u grow further in life.please post sweets and deserts for specialy for diwali. Going to try besan n cocunut burfi and anjeer dryfruits barfi tomorow. I wish it vl be appealing n nice as it looks in pictures posted by you. I'm gng crazy abt ur site and I have tried numerous recipes. Please post more n thanks again for all ur efforts. Cheers

  6. Saee: Thanks..I'm sure you'll lvoe this!

    NSJ: To us sheera is made with rava and sugar but ofcourse sheera and halwa are interchangeable in Indian cuisine.

    ruchika: Thanks for all the feedback! Will try my best to satisfy your wishes. Look forward to hearing more from you.

  7. Hi Anu,

    Loved loved the beautiful cutlery…specially of the cups stacked together with the spoons! Halwa looks very decadent and moist yet rich and flavourful. Happy Diwali to you and your family.

  8. Hi Anu,
    Your recipies are so reliable and very interesting. Your apple pie was such a hit at our church bake sale. Please do keep posting more, Iam not fond of cooking with eggs and that's where you shine like a star 🙂 happy Diwali to you & your loved ones !

  9. Made this and it turned out wonderful… My 3-year old loved it, and since it had jaggery and whole wheat, I was guilt-free happy when she polished off a whole bowl of it!

  10. Simple-to-cook, Mouth-Watering Halwa and Beautiful cutlery… What better way to entertain unexpected guests… wonderful post.. Thanks Anu!

  11. Anushruti – You have a wonderful blog here. Love and look forward to your recipes, photos, use of cutleries and the personalised intro to each dish.

    A request – could you pl post the recipe for dharwad peda sometime. Thanks!

  12. i love to read ur receipes as i am in constantly search of satvik food receipes.
    Though not yet tried making any of ur receipes but will definitely try out one and let u know the response.

  13. I'm eagerly waiting for new recipes. Please post asap. Thanks for such a wonderful n quick recipes. Tried few barfis n ladoos and all turned out perfect chudos to u

  14. Thankyou for such a great recipe.I tried this atta halwa for the first time and it was delicious.Looking forward to try some more of your recipes. 🙂

  15. Anita: That's so nice to know. Thank you for the feedback!

    Rima: It's important to stir quickly when you add the liquid to the flour mixture to prevent lumps!

    Sreeja: That's heartening! 🙂

    US: Thank you for your feedback. Dharwad Pedha is a classic which has been made by the Thakurs for more than 5 generations. It is something I would like to pick up from the Thakur store and not try in my kitchen. If I do change my mind ill definitely post it. 🙂 Hope you understand.

  16. I am so craving of eating halwa that in hurry I have added water, almond and jaggery before well done cooked of wheat flour. If you have any idea of what to do of this uncooked halwa, please reply me as I don't what to waist it. Thanks.

  17. nikki: I wish you had been a little more patient and you could have enjoyed the fruits of your labour. I'm sorry I couldnt reply earlier. You can put the uncooked halva into greased moulds and steam them for 20 to 30 minutes or until done.

  18. Hi Anushruti! Thank you, thank you so much for this recipe! I made the halwa last weekend and it was just perfect!! I even posted the recipe on my site. Absolutely divine recipe! p.s. love your silverware and pretty gold spoons!

  19. I loved this recipe the halwa came out exact same as i use to eat at home. Thanks a ton..& I loved the way you presented it too..

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