Siddhivinayak and Haji Ali

Sunday was a true celebration of secularism for us as a family. We visited Siddhivinayak Temple and later Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai.

Each time I pull out a saree from my wardrobe, I have a story to tell. I bought this saree in the famous temple town of Kancheepuram, also home to exquisite Kanjeevaram sarees when we went saree shopping to Chennai for my sister's wedding a decade ago. Whenever we visit Chennai, we usually go to Kancheepuram for temple visits. It was then that I bought this simple Kanjeevaram saree.

When I asked Rohit to click a picture outside the temple, he promptly guided me to the board which said no photography allowed. This scene between us was witnessed by a policeman who called us and specifically told Rohit that it is okay to take a picture outside and that the message on the board was for inside the temple premises, ending with Madam ki iccha pura keejiye. This is what I call amazing  #humansofbombay.

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