Asia Food Congress: Sustainable Food Strategy For A Better Future

Throwback to Asia Food Congress in February this year where I was one of the speakers and a panellist and I got to speak about sustainable food strategies. This subject has never been as relevant as it is today!

The impact of #covi̇d19 and the #lockdown imposed by most governments around the world is there for all of us to see.
Reducing food miles by eating local produce has never been so important as it is today. It is good for the planet and good for us!
This is the time when we have to be so grateful to our food producers and distributors be it the farmers who grow all kinds of grains, legumes, pulses, spices, fruits and nuts, vegetables, the food processors like oil manufacturers, the ethical dairy farmers and the food packaging and distribution units be it online services, small kirana shops or departmental stores. It takes an entire battalion to put food on our tables and im not even referring to the effort and time that goes into the actual cooking as that deserves a separate post altogether.

We are also blessed in so many ways with the diversity of ingredients that are available to us through our local food producers. And thanks to the Internet we have so much inspiration to cook and feed our families and ourselves well! Good home cooked meals are nutritionally adept and provide us with mental and emotional well being at a time when we need it the most. So let's make the best use of this time by cooking and eating well!

I was also honoured with an award as one of the most influential people in the food industry at the award ceremony after the panel discussion.

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