Bal Shakti – For Child Nutrition and Health

Bal Shakti - for child nutrition and health

According to the latest statistics, India is one of the highest ranking countries when it comes to children suffering from malnutrition. On the contrary, while majority of the children in the country do not have enough nutrition, pediatric obesity is on the rise at an alarming rate among urban children, say leading endocrinologists and health professionals.

This current status of under and over nutrition has a great impact on the present and future of our generations.

Undernourished children have a strong likelihood of suffering from infections and die from common childhood illnesses like diarrhea, pneumonia, measles, malaria, etc. And over nourished children are more prone to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardio vascular diseases and obesity.

Children with deficient nutritional needs do not perform well in school which can make them less productive as adults. In short when children are not nourished, it acts as an impediment to the socio economic development of the country.

Research also suggests that apart from genetic causes, food plays a major role in promoting and preventing diseases.

Bal Shakti is a project designed to impart basic nutrition education to mothers, pregnant and lactating mothers, grandmothers, teachers or anyone in charge of child health and also young children who are capable of understanding the impact of nutrition on their health.

Bal Shakti, spearheaded by Anushruti RK has project leaders who are women from different walks of life belonging to various states of India.

Let's stand together to make a difference in the area of child nutrition and health to safeguard the future generations!

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