Eggless Chocolate Brownies

Eggless Chocolate Brownies

The recipe requests made to me sit inside a folder, neatly stacked in my mailbox. Life manages to get in the way and I have not been able to attend to this important task on my “to do list”.  I want to start making amends on that front with this recipe which also happens to be one of the most popular recipe requests made to me!

Eggless baking recipes are so popular and easily found these days but in my humble opinion, there is a dearth of good eggless brownie recipes. And considering that brownies are so popular and that any self respecting baker needs to have atleast one good brownie recipe in his or her repertoire, I’m quite surprised with myself that I have not yet put up a recipe for the same.

These brownies are everything that a good brownie ought to be! Dense, chocolatey and with a beautiful crust typical to brownies. Serve them plain with a cup of tea or coffee (decaffeinated for me please!) or serve them as a dessert topped with hot fudge sauce or chocolate syrup or caramel alongside fresh whipped cream or a scoop of some good old vanilla ice cream. If you do, I can assure you of some brownie points for you from all those who savour these beauties! 🙂

This year there was no fancy cake on Ro’s birthday as I had a strange request from him. He wanted one of the most popular recipes on divinetaste, my famous “mango cheesecake”.  And on the day of his birthday, we were to go on a road trip and meet my sister and brother in law and celebrate the day with them.

So, I made these brownies early in the morning and served them to him for breakfast and carried some for the road and some for the other folks in my family whom we were to meet. With these brownies, the mango cheesecake and the cake my sister brought for him to cut, we had one happy birthday boy!


On a sidenote, I was featured in BBC GoodFood India May 2012 issue where I created a cooling South Indian menu. If you happen to lay your hands on a copy, do take a look!


Eggless Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Serve these brownies warm as it is or with toppings like  chocolate syrup, chocolate sauce, fudge sauce or caramel alongwith vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.


280 gm (2 cups) flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

240 gm (1 1/4 cup) dark chocolate*

190 ml (3/4 cup) water

150 gm (3/4 cup) butter at room temperature

40 gm (5 tbsp) castor sugar

397 gm (1 tin) condensed milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup walnuts, chopped


Grease  and line a 10” square tin with baking parchment or greaseproof paper.


In a bowl mix all the dry ingredients, the flour, baking powder and baking soda and sieve once to make it uniform.


In a small sauce pan, put in the dark chocolate broken into pieces and the water and heat until the chocolate melts. Stir well to get a smooth sauce and keep aside to cool.

Set your oven to heat at 180 C/350 F.

In a large bowl put in the butter and the sugar and beat well with a wire whisk or a hand blender or stand mixer until smooth and creamy, about 2 to 3 minutes.


Put in the condensed milk and the vanilla extract and beat again for 3 to 4 minutes.


Stir in the melted chocolate and mix well.


Mix in the flour and beat again for two or three minutes until all the flour is mixed into the liquid.


Pour the batter into the tin, tap the tin once or twice to make the batter uniform, scatter the nuts all over on the top and bake for 40 minutes.

* I used 3 bars of Cadbury bournville with great succes as I didnt have my stock of callebaut cooking chocolate on hand. Use any good quality dark chocolate.

Makes 16 brownies 





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163 thoughts on “Eggless Chocolate Brownies

  1. hmmm…I have been waiting for this!! Why is there a star next to dark chocolate? Did you mean to write a note for it or something? Some pizza sauce's recipes plsss…

  2. Can't wait to try these Anushruthi.. Iv tried your vanilla cake, pizza, focaccia and cheese biscuits.. all were a huge hit:)) thanks gal for these awesome recipes and ur posts are always a delight to read:) not to mention your pics and props:))

  3. Finally, the brownie recipe is here! Having tried these I can't forget the crispy top and the moistness of this bake!
    Awesome post : ))

  4. Ashwini: Ya sure..that's also another most reqested recipe. In the que. 🙂 And the required updates are made!

    Lakshmi: Wonderful! Do share pictures for me to post!

  5. Hey Anushruti, I have been a silent reader of your blog and being a pure vegetarian I never thought that such exquisite cakes and cookies can be made without eggs too. I have been recommending your blog to all my friends too.

    I wanted to know if the dark chocolate in this recipe could be replaced with cocoa powder

  6. Devya: Thank you for your support! If you replace the chocolate with cocoa powder the texture and the end result would be different which means you would be completely altering the recipe. I suggest you don't replace these brownies with cocoa powder and if you do, it would require a little less water and additional sugar.

  7. Congrats!!!!Going thru your cooling south indian menu for summer in BBC GF…..all the recipes r simple and exotic and have a traditional touch….EXCELLENTLY DONE….
    am tresuring this copy…..and will definately get it signed by u someday:))

    Best Wishes always,

  8. Hey Anushruti,
    Congratulations on being featured in the BBC book. Great acheivement.

    I have a recipe that uses curds/buttermilk instead of condensed milk. It's a great one. Will have to try this one too 🙂


  9. Wow, its as if you read my mind…I was just going to send you a recipe request for a choc. brownie recipe, and voila, you've just posted one! Am sure to try this one..

  10. Hi Anushruti,

    Want your recommendation for a good oven. Convection microwave does not seem to do a good job.

  11. Hello Anushruti,

    It is such a pleasure to see a new recipe mail from DivineTaste when I log in to my mailbox. But you are posting all my long awaited recipes when I am out of country and don't have access to my kitchen, not fair :(:(. Can't wait to try this out as soon as I am back, it looks wonderfully delicious.

    I must confess something silly here. One of my favourite parts of DivineTaste is the "previously on DivineTaste" section, it is such a feel good sight:). And while I feel very happy about new recipes, I also feel a little sad when I see my favourite recipes disappearing from there. 4 more posts and the chocolate ganache cake will be gone 🙁

    By the way, when I click on "mango cheesecake" link above, its taking me to google search instead of the recipe page. Yours is still the top result but just thought I'd mention it.

    Finally, many congrats on being featured in BBC Goodfood. I have asked my sister to buy a copy and keep for me..I've been looking forward to it ever since you said you are creating a spread for a magazine 🙂


  12. My, My ….I'm becoming your follower now. Lovely pictures, I've been waiting for a good brownie recipe and after the great success after trying your blueberry muffins I'm sure this one is going to be another successful bake for me. My daughter who happen to be sitting beside me right now is pestering me to bake these brownies just right now. So I'm off to the kitchen.
    Congratulations on your BBC feature. You sure deserve it. Great to know you through the world of blogging.

  13. congrats on your BBC feature- kudos gal; am a sucker for brownies and the pics says it all- YUM. The birthday boy must have had a blast !

  14. Thank you everybody! 🙂

    Shruti: Thank you for your enthusiasm and feedback! 🙂

    Renu: Let me know how you like this recipe!

    Sreeja: Good that I happened to post this then! Hope you like it!

    Uma: If you want built in go for Siemens if your budget permits or kaff. In OTG both Bajaj and Morphy Richards is good! A microwave convection is no good!

    Poornima: Your note really made my day! It is little things like this that make a big difference. I feel so happy that "previously on divinetaste" which fades into oblivion with new posts matters so much to you. Thank you for your support and valuable feedback! I have put back the "Archives" section so you can happily browse through previous posts.

    Jayanthi: Hope your daughter and you enjoyed it! Good to know you too.

    Priya: Yes..he had a blast! 🙂

  15. Great pics. I have been waiting for this recipe.
    Can you please tell me, where do you get your callebaut chocolate from?

  16. Just the kind of recipe i was waiting for Anushruti… My mom esp. will do the cartwheels. She is one who looks forward to eggless recipes!!

  17. wowwww looks awesome ….waiting to try the brownies as my daughters b'day is approaching and she loves brownies….Thanx soooo much Anushruti for ur lovely n yummy receipes

  18. Hi Anu,
    I thought I'll let you know I tried your chocolate brownie recipe. Oh my, it was excellent. Even though the taste was awesome, few points that I noted and thought I'll let you know, may help others including me who are planning to try –
    1. It would help if you could let the consistency of the water+chocolate sauce in the recipe. I kind of gauged it but still in doubt if my consistency was right. A picture of the sauce consistency would be nice.
    2. Same with batter consistency. I'm not sure if my batter consistency was the right one. Should it be spoonable or pourable?
    3. I needed 20 additional minutes to bake the brownie. I'm guessing its because of the consistency of the sauce and eventually the consistency of the batter.
    In the end I would like to add the texture and the taste was not compromised at all even with all the guess work(this recipe is so forgiving) and its the best eggless brownie recipe. But would get this clarified as I would love to bake these brownies again in the future.

  19. it sounds amazing and i can't wait to try it out! btw, will using milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate change the flavour too much?

  20. I loved making it and it tasted amazing !

    …But my brownies sunk in after 40 minutes of baking and thought the top looked amazing, its inside was not cooked.

    I baked it for 40 minutes at 180 C. I am not sure if that's the right temperature to cook it.

    Also, I was just wondering if we can use a Chocolate syrup (like Hershey's) instead of melting chocolates and mixing it with water. Would it change the taste. become more sweet?

  21. Archana: Sorry for the delay. I was trying to get the right numbers since it has changed from the time I ordered last. Will share the numbers once they are available to me.

    Arundati: Hope your mother liked this.

    Sizzling veggies: Awesome…that was quick! Glad you and your family liked it.

    Jayanthi: Glad you liked this recipe. Half the battle in baking is measuring. If you measure the ingredients right then you have won. (do not mix metric and cups). The chocolate and the water is to be cooked together until the chocolate melts and becomes a smooth sauce. The batter has to be smooth and looser than spoonable but a little less stiff than pourable, if you know what I mean. I doubt, pictures will make it easy for you to gauge, maybe videos will. 😉 Looks like you used a little more liquid and that;s why you required the extra baking time.

    Deeksha: Yes…its better you use dark chocolate here.

    Pujya: Looks like your cake sunk because you used too much liquid or raising ingredient. Refer my baking FAQ 180C is the temperature I baked my brownies at and so have others and we have all got it right. Changing the core ingredients is like changing the recipe. These brownies are meant to be made with real cooking chocolate and not syrup. The syrup can be used for dressing on top of the brownies. Hope this helps.

  22. Hi,

    Your recepies are just great!! Thanks for them. I tried this one but unfortunately, it did not turn out well. Though it tasted great, the texture was somehow not right. I used the exact quantities in you recepie and baked it for 40 mins. It was soft and fluffy but, I did not get seperate pieces.Can you tell me what would have gone wrong? Also, I am relatively new to baking. Appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks.

  23. Gayathri: Either you used less liquid or underbaked the brownies. Every oven is different and maybe your oven needs more cooking time. Did you insert a skewer in the centre of your brownies and see if it came out clean? If the skewer or toothpick has a little batter stuck to it then you need to put the tin back in the oven and bake for some more time. Many have baked this recipe successfully and I'm sure that if you follow these steps and the recipe to the tee, you will have brownies just like the pictures above. All the very best! 🙂

  24. as always the brownies were excellent. next m going to try ur south Indian menu. thanks 4 all the lovely recipes. U r a God send 4 all the jains n vegans of the world

  25. Hii..I wanted to know if I can use normal chocolate instead of dark one? I dnt quite like the taste of dark choc..Will the taste of Brownies b affected?

  26. A batch of these in the oven for iftiyaar today evening! The aroma makes it so much more harder to fast!!!!

  27. Hi! Anushruti I was looking at the various recipes i was impressed ,being a vegetarian Iwant to know if butter can be replaced with oil for the brownie will it alter the taste.

    thank u,

  28. I just made these brownies and they are so tasty! I put some small pieces of dark chocolate in the mixture before it went in the oven and it's yummy! Thanks Anushruti

  29. Deepika: Even though you don't like dark chocolate, it is better you use it here because it is used with other ingredients like flour, condensed milk, etc and you will taste the right amount of chocolate. If you use regular chocolate you will get overtly sweet and mildly chocolate flavoured brownies and if that is what you want then you could use it.

  30. the brownie came out very well. thank u could u teach me to make/bake a chocolava cake,please.

  31. Hi

    i recently came across site and I liked all your recipes. I tried your chocolate brownie yesterday. One thing i noticed is because of the condensed milk the batter became very thick. that is one problem i noticed. And when i baked it in microwave convection, the batter came out of the tray and spilled all over the microwave plate. i had filled only half of the tray and there was sufficient place for the cake to raise. I'm not sure what went wrong.

  32. chitra: This is not a microwave recipe. The batter is not very thick and definitely not because of the condensed milk as there is also water to give the required moisture and volume to the batter. If you use a lot of raising agents the batter normally spills out like that.

  33. Thank u very much for the reply. So all the eggless recipes are not for microwave ? I was plannning to try your baked chaklis in microwave. Even that is not an microwave recipe ?
    Is there any one which can be done in microwave as well.

  34. Chitra: I never bake in a microwave or use a microwave for any purpose. Some people have adapted my eggless recipes successfully in a microwave oven though.

  35. The recepie mentions 1tsp vanilla extract however the method makes no mentions as to when to add it. I made the brownies and it was amazing!! Absolutely gorgeous. I added the vanilla extract after the condensed milk before adding the melted chocolate. Thank you for the lovely recepie!!!

  36. Hi,I have never cooked in my life (probably an overstatement since I am still studying ). Well I tried your chocolate brownie recipe and Its super amazing. I am super excited since everyone is praising me 🙂 and want to thank you for putting up this mindblowing recipe. The best part is it is a veg recipe. And that is not compromising with the taste one bit. I am definitely going to try out your other recipes.

    And the sudden desire to cook came after watching Julie and Julia but I was very disheartened as all those supposedly yum food items were non veg. Thanks again 🙂

  37. Hey, i tried making the brownies and it did not work, i think the baking pan i used was too small and the whole upper layer got burnt! 🙁 also the batter was too thick. Also 1 1/4 cups of chocolate means how many bars? Help!

  38. Hey great recipe! First time I tried out an eggless recipe using condensed milk and it came out great! I used a mixture of Bournville and some leftover chocolate chips; worked quite well.

  39. Sapna: Really? Then that means that me and all of the people who have tried this with success and said so in the comments above must be doing something wrong! do take a serious look at your oven and temperature settings before you bake again! All the best..

  40. I made these to take to my friend's daughters ayush homam- didn't want to go empty handed. Everyone loved it!! I almost made myself sick licking the bowl clean of batter. Wondefully chewy and gooey and delightful.

  41. Hi. I have 3 quries – 1)I am assuming the flour is maida here?
    2) WHich butter to use??? Salted (amul) or home made white butter?
    3) How can I prevent butter from turning harder while blending it with sugar and get the creamy texture as suggested in the recipe???

  42. Hi Anu thank u so much for this lovely recipe!!! I tried it and turned out real nice.
    Just a couple of questions my brownie sunk in the middle y? And the crust was dry!
    Am just starting to bake and I love it but I don't understand the reasons . If u could elucidate it would be great . Thank u so much

  43. Hi Anu,
    I made exact half the quantity, and baked for 40 minutes. It turned out really well, tasted awesome, but only thing i did not like was, when it cooled down the brownie just fell in the center, so didn't look good. Can you pls tell what could be the reason.
    Thankyou for the lovely recipe.

  44. I tried again your brownie yesterday as today is my husband's B'day. It turned out very nice . that too in microwave and it is a big success. Thanks a lot for the wonderful recipe

  45. I agree with Sapna…that 40 mins is a tad too long. Mine was done in just about 30 min. Thankfully since I checked it just in time…I saved it from getting burnt. I guess next time I will try to set it for lesser time.

  46. Divya: Each oven is different and mine takes exactly 40 minutes and so it is for many others who have tested this recipe. If 30 minutes works for your oven then you can stick by it but as a general rule I would give these brownies 35 to 40 minutes to get done!

  47. Hie
    I've been an ardent follower of your blog, eversince i came across it.
    I wanted to learn to make a marble cake…is it possible for you to put up the recipe?…may be before valentine's (until you have something better and easier to make)..i want to make it for my hubby..:)

    Thanks a tno and keep up the good work.

  48. As I watched my dear wife ( Vrinda Kini )baking delicious cakes it motivated me to try & bake. She suggested one of your recipes – Eggless blueberry Muffins – Believe me it was smashing!!! With the same recipe I tried with fresh Strawberry – Well, it turned out great. Only negative aspect of it was marginally soggy inside. Today,I tried these brownies – Wow! That was my wife's comment!! Says she has never tasted such wonderful Brownies!! Thanks, Anushruti for this wonderful recipe. Everything was superb except for one little FLAW – – The batter rose up to the brim of the 10 * 10 tray, but when I tried to see whether it was done (I must have done on 3 separate occasion) by piercing it with a skewer, on the 3 attempt when pierced at the centre the whole thing went down like a deflated balloon!!! 🙁 But eventually it stabilized to the size as shown in your pics!! The Brownies have amazing texture & are moist! Please can you suggest why the Brownie sank? Thanks again!

  49. Thank you Anushruti for this awesome recipe! I made this today with great outcome! It did sink just a little bit in the middle (not as much as described by others) and had to bake 5 minutes longer – the end result was prefect!! I made many of your other recipes with great success: POha, Dosa, Rasam, Sambar, Fruit cake, Mumbri, Sabudana Khichdi, Besan laddoos and many more. Request you to post some traditional recipes like Bisi-Bele-Bath whenever you can!

  50. Garima: Will try and post a marble cake for valentine..

    Suresh: your brownies sank because you took them out before they were properly cooked. This is one of my never fail recipes and if you follow it properly, you will get perfect brownies. Next time please be patient and don't take them out before the cooking time to test if they are done or not.

  51. Hii Anushruti… This is the first time I visited your blog while searching for brownie recipe…
    Awesome pictures and presentation. Well I also blog but just started. And this is my way of making Brownie- Foodies' Fun

  52. Hi Anu,

    Glad that I visited your blog while searching for eggless brownies. I somehow felt that this should be the one and went ahead baking my first brownie! The taste was…just perfect!!! Loved them! n good feedback from hubby & friends.

    Just a small concern that it sank a bit though the cake was completely cooked and the taste was perfect. Tried again y'day by slightly reducing the rising agent but the outcome was the same. Not sure where I went wrong. Will keep trying till it comes out perfect 🙂

    Nevertheless love your blog…mouthwatering recipes and beautiful pictures. Great going!!! Also appreciate your replies for each comment posted!

  53. Mythili- Overbeating the batter, oven temperature set too high and opening the oven door to see if the cake is rising much before its done can cause a cake/brownie to sink in the middle. Using the correct size tin is also pertinent to prevent a cake from sinking.

  54. Hi Anushruti,

    This is my first time to your blog. I have been test-baking eggless brownies for the past two days but the results were not satisfying. I thought of giving it one last try but this time with your recipe. Your brownies look amazing btw! I have baked many other things but eggless brownies seem to be a problem for me. I have an event on Saturday and I really hope to share these brownies with my friends then.

    I just have a question before I try it. Where should I place the brownie? The middle rack or one level below it (just before the bottom rack)?

    Thank you so much 🙂

  55. Siti: If you are baking it in an OTG then the middle rack. If you have an in built oven with 5 placements then put in the second rack.

  56. This is such a wonderful recipe, more and more of my frens have asked me to make it again…:))
    But even though they were perfect in taste, even my brownies sank a little in the middle….noticed that others also had similar issue….cud it be that we check it a lot?? i know if we open the oven door again and again..the baking is affected.

  57. We want to make this chocolate browny with out chocolate. Can we substitute milk powder in place of cocoa or dark chocolate.

  58. made your brownie…when i baked it in a bread tin it sunk in the centre and when i made it in a square tin it is too crumbly to the touch…why do u think that is happening..please reply…

  59. I also want to add to my above comment than it sank even in the square tin…baked it at 140 degrees and did not open the door…can I reduce the baking powder or totally omit it..please help…

  60. Hi

    Ther brownies look amazing. Do we use plain or self
    Raising flour for this recipe?

  61. I tries these and they were just perfect!!! There was a temperature issue though and the cooking time wasn't the same… but they were yummy. Is it possible to use pecans in this? Please let me know, I'm doing a food technology project. Cheers, Dhwani

  62. Garima: Yes you shouldnt be opening the oven door after putting the cake inside.

    Sachi: You could use white chocolate instead of dark chocolate or perhaps you would like to try some other recipe in my cakes and cookies section which does not have cocoa powder in it?

    Preethi: When it comes to baking it is better to follow directions. Putting this batter in the wrong tin or baking at the wrong temperature wont work at all. 140 C is too low a temperature for these brownies.

    Raji: Plain flour

    Dhwani: Ofcourse you can use pecans. Different ovens behave differently at times so there might be slight variations but by and large this temperature and time should work for most ovens.

  63. This is the best bronie recipe ever…. I was never happy with my baking so much… thanks alot Anushruti… do u have a website or blog so tat I can follor and can u please even post a sugar free brownie recipe for health concious ppl…. :*

  64. I baked this brownie 3 days back and it was such a hit among my family members. They requested for more and I'm going to back another one short while . I add more chocolate chunks on top and the smell was heavenly. Thank you for the awesome recipe.

  65. Hey,
    Had bookmarked the recipe since long …tried it yesterday…..I baked in a convection oven n the sides had turned hard and the upper crust had burnt a lil in 30 mins……Can u pls telll where i went wrong or ..what changes shud i make in d settings of temperature???

  66. hi anu,

    this brownie is much better than with egg brownie i tried before . Thanks for posting lovely receipe .

  67. i tried to make 1/2 the quanity…what time should ikeep it for ..20 mins it was still liquidy..

  68. Nisha: Am so glad you liked this recipe and thank you for the compliment. Will keep your request in mind.

    Parameswary: Sounds great!

    Hanisha: Looks like your temperature setting was high or else there is no other reason your brownie could get burnt.

    Sheenu, Garima: Glad to hear about your success stories with this recipe.

    puja: Condensed milk is entirely different from buttermilk milk. Yes it is milkmaid. Bake until a skewer or toothpick comes clean.

  69. hey, i tried this recipe and it turned out to A-MA-ZING!My parents loved it!! thanks a ton for this recipe 😀 can you please post cheese fondue without wine's recipe please!! thanks again for this recipe! really made my day!

  70. Hi, I baked this brownies and the they turned out hubby loved it ..thanks..I made them in microwave convection mode..

  71. Hi Anushruti,
    I am eager to bake this brownie. However I have a doubt, am I supposed to mix and the water and chocolate while heating?

  72. I don't want to use the condensed milk, can I substitute it with any other egg substitute? If yes, which one? Reply asap plz

  73. OMG!!!! I just love this recipe..:) I've just started baking and I am in love with these brownies..:) Thanks a ton..!!:)

  74. Hi I hv a question. .im making this b with kids in a workshop. Do I cool foen the tin fr ten minutes before cutting or is there a way to bring out thr cake from the tin n then cut. reply soon. Thanks

  75. Hey..tried this recipe today. Specially for daughters was an instant hit..came out just like d ones in ur pics…thanks for making our day special…will b baking more…

  76. I love your recpies. I tried this one yesterday and substituted the dark chocolate with Carob powder as we don't take chocolate. As per the questions asked earlier, i used little less water per your comments, but the brownie seems to be dry. looks like it needs more water content. What do you think will help.

  77. Hi Anushruti, just got to know about your site from a Fb page.. I have an issue .. I am gona try your brownie recope tomorrow and I wana know if these are perishable after a week too but without keeping them in the fridge .. this is the clients requirement .. im too worried 🙁

  78. Hi i wanted to ask you that if i want to nutella or white chocolate then can i ?? If yes then how
    please help
    thank you

  79. Hello,
    I just prepared these brownies yesterday but i had an issue with the corners of the baking dish hard..what do i do to prevent it the next time?
    These brownies are sinfully delicious!!Everyone at home loved it..
    I spread a tiny layer of chocolate ganache on the top and it was yummy!!!

  80. Mili: Happy to know that you enjoyed these brownies. Maybe you overbaked your brownies? Try taking them out 5 minutes earlier and see if they are done by running a skewer in the centre. If it comes dry, then your brownies will be done.

  81. Hi Anu, I used the exact measurements given in your recipe and baked it for 50 minutes (after 40 mins the middle was still gooey so baked it for 101 mins more), but my brownie has sunk in the middle. Would you know why?
    Also, it would be good if you could post pictures of the consistency of the chocolate sauce and the final batter so that it is easier for us to get the batter right.

  82. Shrenika: Haven't used it for a long time. It used to be available in Arife, Mumbai but not anymore. I think they have an office in Mumbai. Maybe you can call and ask?

  83. Hi Anushruti,
    This brownie is too delicious. I have tried this receipe 5 times , my husband too tried it (Jan 13) comment no 69.
    Every time this brownie sinks. My cakes always turn out great. I fail to understand why this one sinks. i dont want to try any other recipe because your recipe is simply fantastic. I would like it to look great too.
    I bake my cakes in Morphy Richards oven , in fan mode at two points after 150 dc.( I use this setting for all cakes meant to be backed at 180 dc) Also, if i try to remove the brownie from the tin , a lot of brownie clings to the parchment. This time I cooled it in the pan for 1 hr , refrigerated it for two hours and then could cut nice squaresread this somewhere). Pl guide , I read your FAQs as well.

  84. Thanks for your response Anushruti, I am using a 10*10 pan. Only thing is I use metric for chocolate, sugar and butter for all the rest I use Cup measures. Could that be a reason? I recall reading this in your FAQs

  85. Dear Anushruti,

    Tried it the sixth time. This time it was perfect. I was mixing metric and cups in measuring the ingredients, and that was causing it to sink. My brother says it is the world's best brownie. Thank you so much.

  86. I have tried my hand at eggless brownies many times but I have always failed.. I recently bought an otg and had made the perfect battery. I set the timer to 30 mins but my bRonnie's got burnt..HELP

  87. I have made these for a number of occasions after you posted a video for rajshri food. this is my go to recipe for brownies. also, after i gave them to my friends n cousins, all of them have been asking for the recipe. It has even been circulated among our uni friends. N even they have requested for the recipe. Thank you so much for this!

  88. Hi We are making these this weekend Anushruti do you have any advise about making brownies from the first time. We are using cooking choclate which is milk is that okay. Thank You Vir

  89. Hi Anushruti we made the Brownies with milk baking chocolate and they were gorgeous. We also added some drinking chocolate powder for extra colour. One thing I would recommend is that you use a square pan because we tried in a cake tin but it came up above and began to drop on the sides. Second batch was a lot better with great results Thank You

  90. Your brownie recipe was a winner!!!
    And I must say it gave the max quantity….another recipe I tried gave me a very thin brownie cake
    I'm sure all my school friends are going to love this
    We always know where to look for eggless recipes.
    Thank you Anu Aunty

  91. Hi, your Brownies look yum and i want to bake it for some vegetarian guest coming over. Just had to clarify though, is the flour measurement standard American measuring cup where 1 cup equals 140ml? TIA

  92. Hey Anushruti, your blog is simply awesome. I have tried some of your recipes and they have worked perfectly. I am hoping to try your brownie recipe soon.

    Just one question. I have a 99% Lindt Dark Chocolate bar. can I use that? If yes, do Ido I need to add more sugar or something?

    Thanks a ton!

  93. hello anushruti ma'am i am a big fan of ur baked goodies…can i use amul dark chocolate for making this brownies?

  94. Hello Anushruti,

    Love your recipes! Can we substitute carob chips for chocolate?


  95. Dear Anushruti
    Hope the finest for you and your family.
    Please do let me know if I can bake these Brownies in a 9 inch round pan?
    Your blog is gaining new heights all the while.
    Congratulations on all your latest accomplishments.

  96. Amna: Thanks for your wishes. 9" pan would be small for this recipe. A 10" round pan would do. You can halve the recipe if you want to bake in a smaller pan.

  97. Hi Anushruti…Mind blowing recipe!!
    My kids are in love with ur recipes..
    One question..Can oil be used instead
    Of butter? Please mention the quantity for

  98. Hi anushruti
    I have one question.i dont have a 10 inch square pan could I use a 9 by 13 or 9 inch?

    Could I double the recipe for a big batch.,?

  99. Hi anu

    I dont have a ten inch pan could i make it in a nine by 13?Please reply soon

  100. Hi actually i have smaller tray! So can i put half the qty of everything you mentioned???

  101. This recipe might remind some of you of upma. Rawa upma? may be… But since I am not familiar about a cuisine I did not grow up with, I am not exactly sure of the intricacies of upma. I have had several kinds of upma, with many different flavors and looks – all cooked by my friends at various times of my life. So I am assuming there are many kinds belonging to regions of southern Indian. My favorite kind of upma is the pure white and light and airy ones, with not so many vegetables, but the tiny green dots of peas. My friend in college would make it this way. I never managed to make it so divinely white.

  102. Hi anushruti..My brother baked this brownie for the 3rd time …I was sou chef..Dunno what went wrong with our oven ,our brownie was just 20mins into the oven n was going to turn into a blackie..However we just managed to get it out n turn it onto the cooling rack..The best part was that wen we gave it to our neighbors,their son was like this brownie is from some cake shop… Awesome recipe..Thank you…

  103. Hi,
    I want to add some peanut butter as a topping at the time of baking.
    Please suggest with your recommendation.

  104. Hi Anushruti, Haven't been on this website for a few years. Not since I was a lot younger… Don't know whether you remember me or not? Due to this I wondered about Baking again. Was drawn to your last Rajshri Food recipe: These Eggless brownies!!! They are the best, you are truely an expert at cooking and baking. Would love to see you post Youtube videos of your remaining and new recipes, with Rajshri or not.

  105. Hi Anushruti,
    I've been following your blog for more than 6 years now. I mainly follow your cake recipes. Tried this one today and I did make a mistake, I missed water in the ingredients. Realized the consistency of the batter was off so I added milk about half cup. The brownies were perfect! Gooey center and perfect crispy crust! You make baking so easy! Thanks😊

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