Eggless Strawberry Cupcakes With Strawberry Buttercream frosting

Eggless Strawberry Cupcakes With Strawberry Buttercream frosting

Time really flies fast. Nothing can bear testimony to this fact for me at present than the realization that my bonny baby boy is already a year old! He turned one on the 10th of March 2010. And it still seems like yesterday that I held him as a new born baby, elated at being the mother of a baby boy. I had wished for a baby boy and I had one!

Although Ro and I don’t actually believe in throwing parties on our respective birthdays and anniversaries, preferring to spend time all by ourselves, we wanted to have a nice birthday party for our son and share the joy of him turning one with family and friends.

My baby still manages to wake up twice or some times thrice at regular intervals at night, depriving me of the luxury of a good night’s rest. This means that my energy levels are not exactly at their peak. Which left Ro and other family members telling me not to get into extensive baking and save up all the energy for the guests. I consoled and assured myself after extracting a promise from Ro that this was the first and last time that we would order a cake for our son’s birthday party. It was a nice 6 kilo chocolate cream cake in the shape of one, if you need to know.

I could  never imagine that it would be my son’s 1st birthday and I didnt bake anything for him. So what if he did not understand the significance of that day or even the fact that he would not remember what I baked or what I didn’t bake for that matter at his tender age of one. I had to bake something for this little angel who is the light of my life. I made these cupcakes and chose this recipe as it had milk powder in it, following the universal principle of all mothers, to sneak in something healthy into your child’s meal. I have made this recipe with a few alterations without the berries a number of times before and would like it to be the subject of another post as it is one of my favourite recipes. I decided to mix in the strawberries since they were in season and I was happy to note that both my men, little Hari and his father relished this creation of mine.

Eggless Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream frosting Recipe

You could use other berries like blue berries or raspberries here or even make them plain without any berries. If you decide to make them plain then you have to increase the liquid by about 1/4 cup to compensate for the berry juices.


200 gm (1 1/2 cup) plain flour
1 1/2  tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
100 gm (3/4 cup) milk powder
150 gm (3/4 cup packed powdered sugar or fine sugar
100 gm (1/2 cup) butter
1 cup (250 ml) strawberries, sliced
250 ml (1 cup) milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
A few drops of lemon juice plus 2 tsp sugar for the strawberries


Line the tin with cupcake liners.

Clean and slice the strawberries. Mix in the lemon juice and the sugar and keep aside for about 15 minutes to half an hour. This helps to bring out the flavour of the strawberries.

Sieve the flour, baking powder and baking soda.

In a large mixing bowl, beat the butter and the vanilla with a hand blender or with a wire whisk, about 2 to 3 minutes. Mix in the sugar and the milk powder and beat until soft. Stir in half the flour, add half the milk and beat until soft, for about 2 minutes. Put in the remaining flour and milk and beat again until soft for 2 minutes. Mix in the strawberries with their juices. Pour the batter into cup cake liners and bake at (160C/325F/Gas Mark 3) for 25 to 30 minutes or till done (until a skewer comes clean).

Once the cupcakes are completely cool, ice them with the frosting or eat them as they are.  Make sure that the cakes are completely cool before icing them. If the cakes are warm, you run the risk of melting the icing.

Strawberry Buttercream frosting recipe

This recipe is adapted from myrecipes.


100 gm (1/2  cup)  butter, softened
200 gm (1 cup) powdered sugar  (icing or confectioners sugar), sifted
1/2  cup  finely chopped fresh strawberries


Beat butter at medium speed with an electric mixer for a minute or until smooth. Mix in powdered sugar (confectioners or icing sugar) and chopped strawberries and beat until smooth and creamy. You can adjust the consistency by adding more sugar if frosting is too thin or strawberries if it is too thick.

Makes 12 big or 15 medium sized cupcakes

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64 thoughts on “Eggless Strawberry Cupcakes With Strawberry Buttercream frosting

  1. Yummy cupcakes….can understand ur feeling for the lil one. Very true time really flies when a baby is born they grow very fast…….Sad that still his sleeping routine has not yet changed….same here too with my 10months old daughter 🙁 Anyways Belated wishes to the lil one!!

  2. What a great combination of flavors. Just in time for spring. I hope you're able to get some sleep!

  3. Anu akka,
    This looks so splendid! A perfect gift to mummy's little ray of sun shine on his first birthday. How we all, amma, ajji, appa and akka, wish we were there too.
    These pictures are enough to fill my stomach.
    Lovely Post 🙂

  4. Hey Anu – congrats on the little one turning one and happy birthday to him 🙂 I noticed his birthday is just a day after mine 😉 I've been a bit out of circuit lately and trying to catch up. I couldn't catch up with you guys in bombay, but it got really hectic 🙁 Great post!

  5. I have never heard of a recipe with milk powder, will have to give this recipe a go as my son loves strawberry cake as well and I tried a version last year. Can't wait for the season to start so I can make it 😉

    Wishing your son a very happy first birthday, a big hug

  6. Thank a lot for posting this recipe.
    This is a great recipe. I normally make cupcakes using egg but tried this one(though without strawberries as they were unavailable in market) came out really soft and tasty. 🙂

  7. DB: I'm so happy you baked these cakes even without the strawberries. Yes…these are very delicious even without the berries and taste great even if plain.

  8. The first picture at the top looks AMAZING! Thank you for such a great idea and a superb way to try these cupcakes without eggs. I tried them and they came out fine – thanks again 🙂

  9. Hi Anushruti,

    I came across your blog whilst looking for recipes for eggless cupcakes. The photos you have taken are beautiful and as you have photos taken at different stages of prep, it is very helpful.
    Following this recipe my cupcakes turned out very nice, fluffy an moist. However my icing turned out very runny and grainy. I used icing sugar. Have you got any tips on what I should do differently next time. I added more sugar so thickened but what about the texture?

    Thank you for the blog. It is written beautifully, making it a delight to read.

    Thank you,

  10. Hello Anu,very yummmmmyy cake 🙂 .. just wanted to know if we can store this cake for a day?

    Is this a moist cake or a dry kind? Would you suggest me to make the vanilla with butter scotch frosting if i have to store it for a day.

    Felt so good after finding a site that talks about eggless baking!


  11. Hi

    I tried out your recipe this weekend (made plain cupcakes with some chocolate chips) and unfortunately the cup cakes did not turn out like yours. They did rise whilst in the oven but then went flat after. They tasted very nice even though there wasn't much of a cup cake there. Help… what went wrong? I'd like to try this recipe out again.

  12. Roop: These taste awesome no doubt, but I'm sorry your cakes sunk after they were out of the oven. Did you measure the ingredients correctly? A cake sinks if there is too much liquid, baking powder or fat. Also, your oven shelf must not be uneven. Is your oven heating up properly and uniformly. Make sure your cakes are not placed near the sides of the oven. Good luck!

  13. Hi Anushruti,
    Great blog ! well-described recipes !
    I had a question about this recipe. Is there a substitute for milk powder in this recipe?

  14. Your recipes and the way you present it is just amazing. Tried these cupcakes a couple of weeks ago. They just melted in the mouth and were gone in no time. But day before yesterday I baked a cake using this recipe but just omitted the strawberries (as i didn't have any). The cake turned out so soft and tasted just like the mawa cup cakes we get in Mumbai.(Was reminded of my childhood days). Needless to say that my basket was full of compliments.I have happily passed on your website to many of my friends.Thank you very much for this out of the world cake recipe.

  15. Aruna: Thank you for the feedback and for writing! You are right…these cakes are very reminiscent of mawa cakes but without the eggs! Am so happy that you received compliments for this cake and am sure you are a great baker!

  16. hi anushruti

    I have tried your cookies and it turned out great. what a coincidence i gave birth to a baby boy on march 10 2011… belated wishes to your kiddo.. you rock

  17. strawberry cakes were awesome too… do u have a recipe for butterscotch cake, if so can you pls share that with me

  18. Hi Anu,

    I love your eggless cakes..they just never fail! Thank you for posting your recipes. I want to now try out your eggless strawberry cake, but have a question about the milk powder. Exactly what milk powder do you use? I've tried looking in all the grocery stores and all I can find is dried skimmed milk powder. Do you think that will work?


  19. These look tasty! I'm going to try make them for a dinner party for my 'particular' mother-in-law and she don't eat eggs! Any advice? Do I need to try making in advance to test it out?

  20. Hi Anushruti, Your blog is very classy. Love your recipes, especially the eggless cakes. I want to try this out, since strawberries are in season. Will let you know how it turns out.
    About your little one waking up two-three times every night, I had the same issue with my daughter too until she was almost 2 years old. Some children have good sleep schedules from early on, for some it develops a little late. But they outgrow all these by the time they touch 2 years. You are right, it is very tough on the mother. So I take it easy with baking and cooking whenever time permits, so my energy levels stay good and I get time with my little angel.

  21. Hi Anushruti,Ur blog is amazing with lovely recipies.I adore the collection of Eggless baking recipies here..!I tried out your Eggless chocolate cake with condensed turned out lovely and v.delicious..My hubby liked it very much..!Its one of the best chocolate cakes iv ever baked..!Thank you for the gr8 recipies..I wish to bake these cute cupcakes.Had a question..can i make these with whole wheat flour or maybe whole wheat chapati atta..?

  22. Hello,
    I tried this recipie without strawberries n also in d form of cake.It was delicious.Super soft n moist…we enjoyed every bite of it:-)Will b making it often..with strawberries nxt time.Feels gr8 to be able 2 bake such lovely eggless cakes.Thanks 2 you.:-)

  23. Neha:Coffee creamer is also low fat milk powder isnt it? I havent tried it with anything other than milk powder or dairy whitener as it is known in India in certain brands. This gives the best result!

  24. Hi,
    I loved the texture and softness of these muffins. However my family members thought that they tasted too milky(they dislike milk). So can I replace either the milk powder or the milk with any other ingredient. I would be happy to get any early reply

  25. mina: These cupcakes are not supposed to taste of milk actually. If you use appropriate flavour like vanilla, then you dont get the smell at all. You can replace the milk with soy milk if you wish. You could also use water but there will be a little loss of flavour.

  26. Hi Anu, Thank you for the wonderful recipe!
    These cupcakes came out delicious! They are so light, fluffy and moist!
    I made it for my friend's birthday and she loved it!
    "Bite-sized joy!" – we call it.

    I will try other recipes from your site. Thank you so much for the eggless baking recipes.

  27. Anu,
    What can i replace Milk Powder with???? i don't have any.

  28. Hi Anushruti,

    I tried ur recipe today..turned out to b really great.
    Taste was really good.

    One thing I wanted to ask..u have used sliced strawberry in we use the puree of flavour it through out..rather thn in pieces.

    also how do we use fresh strawberry with fresh cream frosting instead of buttercream.


  29. shobha- Pureeing the fruit means more liquid, which might affect the texture of the cake. You can mix in either cut strawberries with a few spoons of puree if desired into the cream, after it is whipped.

  30. Hi Anushruti!
    I was planning on making something with strawberries and thought of you 🙂 I ewally want to try these.. Had a question though – the only available milk powder here is no fat.. Is it okay to use that? Please let me know soon 🙂
    Btw I follow your YouTube show as well! I wait for Wednesdays I wish you restart kiddies corner soon! Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes and giving us glimpses of your beautiful kitchen and cookware!
    Best always!

  31. Hi
    I tried but it turned out like yours. I was not able to find dry milk so I bought goat milk power can that b the reason n ya I m not good at baking I don't know what goes wrong everytime I try.Please help me out.

  32. Neha- First rule of baking is to follow the recipe to the tee. If you do so, you will be good to go. I'm not sure goat milk would work here.

  33. I had made these cup cakes and were a great hit. One of the best recipe for cup cakes. However this time I didn’t try the frosting but cupcakes were really liked by all. Would like to know if same quantity of ingredients will work well if i substitute strawberries with canned pineapple

  34. I have prepard vannila cup cake,fruit cake as per your indications mention in eggless receipes and really liked by my family memebers.

  35. Hello Anu

    Please let know the quantity by weight of readymade strawberry jam / puree I can use for the cake batter, as I don't get good grade strawberries in my locality.

    Thanks and regards

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