Eggless Baking FAQ


Why does my cake have a badly cracked top?

Either your oven is too hot or your cake tin is too small.


Why do my cupcakes or muffins crack over the top?

Most cupcakes and muffins, eggless or not usually crack a little on the top. I personally like it as it gives it that homemade or artisinal touch!


Why did my cake sink?

The cake was taken out of the oven before it was done, so it sank as it cooled. Or you have a sunken cake because you used too much liquid, raising agent or sugar or too little flour. One of the other reasons is opening the oven door before the cake sets. And if you haven't used the right size of tin or pan as mentioned in the recipe and your tin size is small, your cake is most likely to sink!


Why did the fruit sink to the bottom of my cake?

Your fruit sank to the bottom because you did not try the fruit properly, the cake mixture was too thin, too much raising agent was used or the fruit was added before the flour. It is a good idea to dry the fruit with the help of a kitchen towel.


Why does my cake have an uneven surface?

Your cake has an uneven surface because the tins were placed near the sides of the oven, the heat distribution of your oven is uneven or the oven shelf was not levelled.


Why is my cake dry?

There is too much raising agent, not enough liquid or butter or the cake has been kept in the oven for a very long time. One of the main reasons is that the fat was not measured correctly.


Why do I have a crumbly cake?

You used too much sugar or liquid. Lack of sufficient binding ingredients.


What oven do you suggest for baking?

I would recommend that you go in for a built in oven, a convection oven or an OTG (oven toaster grill) for best results in baking!


How do I bake in a microwave oven, what pans to use, etc etc?

I'm sorry but I can't help you with baking in a microwave oven as I don't use one.


How to substitute all purpose or regular flour with self-raising flour?

To make your own self raising flour use 1 tsp baking powder and 1/8 tsp baking soda for 100 gm of plain flour.

Photography FAQ


What camera do you use?

The earlier photos on Divine Taste were taken with a Canon 40D but now I use a Canon 5D Mark 2. That said I believe in the philosophy that it is not the camera which makes the picture but the person behind it. Like how the legendary Ken Rockwell says, you can't drive a car without knowing how to drive. The same rule works here. I have taken some great shots with my old point and shoot Canon powershoot S3 IS to prove this fact!

What lens do you use?

If you buy an SLR, please don't use the kit lens. A 50mm lens works well for food photography. Although I do have the 24-105 mm f4L, 85mm f1.2L, 100mm f2.8L, I find myself using my 50mm f1.4 lens the most for food photography. I also love my macro lens!

Do you use a tripod?

Although I do use it at times and like it for extensive shooting to keep my hands free, I have some great hand held shots too. With the recent introduction of IS for canon lenses and VR for Nikon, it is so easy to get sharp hand held shots.

What light do you shoot in?

I love to shoot in natural or ambient lighting. All the shots on Divine Taste are shot in natural day light.

Any other tips?

Yes…study your camera, read the manuals and get basic information on photography. Love your subject so much that the passion comes through in the photograph that you make!

99 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi Anshruti,

    I understand from your articles that u are residing in Mumbai, India. Also, I have seen that u use APF in your recipes;where do you get it from? I have been wanting to bake and make many recipes, but not using maida. So if u can, kindly help me in this matter?

    God Bless

  2. Nisha: I use plain flour or maida from the departmental stores. I use it very sparingly though and try to use whole grain and organic ingredients as much as possible.

  3. FYI: I think the following line may have a typo, just thought you may wanna know, since, I found your writing so elegant.

    my old point and shoot Canon powershoot S3 IS to prove this fat!

  4. Hi,
    If I have to bake my cake from the scratch, say without any recipe how should I do the math? What should be the ratio of flour, sugar, butter and baking soda/powder? And how do we determine the ratio?

  5. Hi

    I made my muffins and it raise but I would like to have my muffin cracks on top. could you help me to identify my problem

  6. cindy: Whether your muffins crack or not depends on the heat distribution in your oven, the shelf placement (which has to be in the middle of the oven) and using the right amount of leavening agent i.e baking powder or soda in the recipe. Also, don't overmix the batter and mix until well blended.

  7. Hi Anu,

    One of my friend recommened your blog and I must say that its a one best food blogs i have come across and is a boon to newbie people like me . The pics in your blog are mindblowing . Could you please help and suggest me on good brand of oven for baking .

    Thanks in advance

  8. Deepti: Thanks! If you are looking for OTG try Bajaj or Morphy Richards. In built in Siemens or Kaff will do the best job.

  9. Anushruti wonder why u ignored my question which i wrote to you on Jan this year? I asked u earlier:
    If I have to bake my cake from the scratch, say without any recipe how should I do the math? What should be the ratio of flour, sugar, butter and baking soda/powder? And how do we determine the ratio?

  10. Hi Anu,
    I just tried out the focaccia – one with basil n rosemary…i went step by step despite knowing the measureents were too much fr a bread fr two …but smhw the dough did not come together like a ball of dough should n i used the food processor fr it…took out thw whole thing in tried my hands to no avail n then gave up n as suggested by u refrigerated the dough .. it PROVED even in the FRIDGE!! so i took it out today n kept it out fr 2+ hrs n then baked it fr 20 mins as u sed but it did not brown …so i baked it agen AND AGAIN AND agen.. each time fr 15 mins then finally it browned tho it still is soft to the touch…As u have pointed out that it dsnt matter where one lives…so…PLEASE tell me where have i gone wrong…also the milk shd be at what temp when the yeast is to be added..??
    I had sent in a query earlier abt 2 days ago abt BB muffins n a recipe fr ginger cookies….thc Anu.. appreciate yr site a lot..KEEP IT UP…!!

  11. hey Anu… i am still awaiting yr reply to my query…know u r busy travelling but wanted to redo the bread agaen….
    thx n advance..

  12. upma: I don't know how I missed this..it is better you post your queries under the respective recipe to avoid confusion as this section is for FAQ's.

    Coming to your question, please read the recipe carefully.It is quite simple and everything is mentioned in it. Although this makes a large loaf, it keeps well and you can eat it the next day too. Because the dough has yeast in it, it will continue to prove even in the fridge. It is specified in the recipe that the milk has to be lukewarm, not cold and not hot. And it is very important for the dough to come together and if it is not coming together then it means that you have used less liquid and it requires more. If your bread doesnt brown in 20 minutes, you can bake it for 10 minutes more but make sure that the temperature setting is at 200 C. Many first time bakers have tried making this successfully and if you measure accurately and follow the recipe to the tee you are sure to get great bread. All the best!

  13. Hi Anu,

    I was on google looking for eggless cake recipes and I bumped into it your blog and I am so glad I did. I have baked the chocolate cake and the star cookies for my son's bday and they were super hit at the party. Thank you so much for the recipes.

    I have a question for you about the mortar & pestle you have. I am in the market for one and I would like to know which one you have – marble or porcelain?


  14. Hey Anu,

    I always eagerly await your posts…as i have already mentioned i've tried so many of your recipes successfully and garnered compliments from all around…

    Can you pls pls put together a recipe for Kotmeer Vadi (steamed/ fried dumplings from fenugreek leaves)…being in bbay i'm sure u know wat i'm talking about…

    There are many recipes but i'm eagerly awaiting yours…


  15. Hi Anushruti,

    Very Basic Question…where can i get a measuring cup that you have been using in your recipes?


  16. Hi Anushruti,

    Definitely a great blog! Amazing recipes that always turn out great. Just wondering if you could help me figure out recipes for a few things. Firstly, a nice whipped cream icing for cakes, chocolate ganache and such are always so heavy, but you can't get heavy whipping cream in India, so I've been craving that light and fluffy icing. Also, if you could design a nice eggless recipe for chocolate eclairs, I would really appreciate it, because all choux pastry recipes I've seen have egg in them. Thanks again and please keep posting and blogging, you are an inspiration and your combination of easy instructions and pictures lets many of us try things we never thought we could ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. tanvi: Thanks for your kind words. Will keep your requests in mind. My eggless pineapple cream cake has an icing recipe using low fat amul cream. Do take a look.

  18. Dear Anushruti,

    Pls do answer Sachin's question on this FAQs.
    I have the same question.


  19. Sorry I missed out on that question..I havent seen the steel measuring cups but in stores like homestop (shoppers stop) or lifestyle you might get the measuring cups.

  20. I think i've trawled your website enough to have gone through (not made,I have imagined the dish up and smiled to myself) all of your recipes. Looked at your FAQ section just today, very informative!

  21. Hi I am looking for a good convection oven in Chennai (We recently moved back from the US where we had a great built in oven). Somehow I am not comfortable with a microwave convection oven….. Would like to know which one you use (Your cakes and baked goods are awesome!!!!) Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

  22. Hi Anushruti

    Your website/blog is awesome! very inspiring, I have tried a few of your recipes but I must say the brownies are a hit!!

    Thank you very much for all these wonderful recipes.

    Do you perhaps have a gelatine free vegetarian marshmallow recipe.

    Looking forward to more of your awesome recipes!

  23. Radharani: A gelatine free marshmallow recipe is something I need to devise soon, considering the number of requests that I get for it. Will keep you posted if I happen to do it. Thanks.

  24. Anushruti,

    Though I dont write often, I am a huge fan of your blog and follow it religiously. Your writing is so pleasing to read and your recipes are even better. I eagerly wait for your blog updates.
    Can you please post some day-to-day recipes, especially kid/toddler friendly. I ask because I am assured, whatever you come up with is delicious and nutritious. If possible, can you also come up with a recipe for fried ice cream, made at home from scratch? (FYI, I cannot use store-bought bread or crumbs).
    Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with all of us.

  25. Hi Anushruti,

    I am very much impressed on ur brownie and tried the same..Taste is excellent but my top layer of my cake is bit hard and inside its very soft.can you please tell me what could have gone wrong?..i am using Morphy Richards Convection oven. Baked at 180C for 25 mts.

  26. namaskara anushruti read that you have written book named divine taste if yes i will be happy to have it, pl let me know how and where can i get it thanks vijay

  27. namaskara anushruti . i read that you are the auther of the book divine taste if so i will treasure that book pl let me know from where can i get it. thanks vijay

  28. Hi Anshruti

    I love your website!

    Do you have a gelatine free marshmallow recipe? I believe that you could use agar agar of china grass powder as substitute for gelatine but I dont have a tried and tested recipe of this, would you perhaps know?

    Thank you

  29. Hi Anushruti. I'm planning to buy an oven and what I'd like to know is that ideally what should the litre capacity be? is 52 litre good enough? One more quick question, do you take classes? If yes, could you please email me the details.

    Thank you!

  30. hey i read everything but the thing is that my cupcakes were looking beautiful in the oven. but when i put a toothpick to check whether they were done or not and thats when my ccupcakes sunk!! how would i know whether they are done or not?! please help me! my mom told me that i should only try in one cupcake but then i really want your advice! please reply. thank you so much. ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. Nishta: Don't open the door for the first fifteen minutes. You can test 3 to 4 cupcakes if you wish. If they are properly done they wont sink.

  32. Hi Anushruti,
    Thank you for all the lovely recipes that you have put up here. I am new to baking (bought an OTG recently) and wanted to make granola bar/flapjack with oats, nuts etc for a healthy bar. I see a lot of recipes over internet which uses honey as binding agent. Since Ayurveda doesnt recommend heating honey, do you have any other alternative to honey that i can use (ofcourse no maple syrup, agave etc – i can only procure locally available things). I was hoping i will find a granola recipe in your site, but to my surprise, i didnt find any. I am hoping you will have some suggestion to give me. Ofcourse, a recipe would be all the more better ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Can you age an eggless fruit cake as with tradition ones, feed them alcohol etc? If so how long do they keep?

  34. Ali- I havent tried feeding a cake with alcohol since I'm a teetotaller. My cakes are usually made and eaten fresh, at best refrigerated for a week to ten days after making.

  35. Hi Anushruthi,

    Can I use Canola oil in cakes instead of butter, which oil do you recommend in cakes for kids.

  36. Thank you Anushruthi,

    I am from Dwd and have grown up eating lot of Iyengar bakery cakes. My utmost favourite was Honey Cake. Would you know the recipe for this cake, that is is the only thing i miss eversince i have taken up satvik food. Would really appreciate if you can help.


  37. Hi anushruti,
    I tried your vanilla eggless recipe and it turned out very well.I basically have a doubt.You had given the measurement for 250ml of milk.If we try with 500ml,should the quantity of all ingredients should be doubled? including baking powder and baking soda? kindly clear my doubt…. waiting for your reply

  38. Hi Anushruti I love your cooking and mostly the way you cook so elegant.
    Where can we find the utensils you use, mostly the wide kadais and pans love them.

    Thank you

  39. Soujanya- Glad you like my cooking. My gadgets and tools are collected from all over for many years. Since its not from a single store, it's difficult to give out the list.

  40. Hi Anu,
    Could you please give me some recipes of homemade chocolates? I have been looking for recipes to make chocolates for my kid. It would be fun to involve her also in the process of making different moulded chocolates. I searched on net, couldnt make out any foolproof ones, i know if you give, i can trust on it and give it a try. Thanks for all the inspiration you create.

  41. Khari biscuits which are available in bakeries…..can they be made at home??
    Is it possible to make them with wholewheat flour using Clarified butter(Pure Ghee)instead of maida and margarine/ amul butter. oil will also do.

    If possible, would appreciate if you would kindly post a recipe for d same.
    Thank you,
    Looking Forward to a Positive response from your end with an awesome recipe for KHARI keeping in mind the above pointers.

    Some of my Family members are strict followers of Jainism and would therefore not use margarine/ amul butter and maida for any baked Goodies.

  42. In your recipes in rajshri food, you often use rice bran oil. Can i please know any other oil i can substitute for baking cakes? I'm an amateur cook. Please help. Thank you.

  43. Hi,Anushruti,
    I am 12 Years old and I enjoy both you and you recipes on Rajshri Food. I have tried the mango Yogurt and many more. I especially enjoy cooking and baking but I would like to ask when you use cups do you use imperial cups or international as this bugs me sometimes. We will be making a vanilla cake inspired from your Golden Cake which I thought was spectacular. Your outfit always goes well with your recipe in the video. I live in The United Kingdom however I have a Gujarati background. But I have noticed on your blog you do not have that many Gujarati neither British recipes so please improve.Thank You and Please May I get A reply. Oh Finally Where are you from In India, I know you live in Mumbai but I do not know if you were born there. Bye Love Vir Thanki

  44. Hello Vir, Thank you for writing to me. In the measurement and conversion section of my site, the cup measurements are mentioned. 1 cup = 250 ml. I do have a few British recipes, but I will put up more Gujarati and British recipes for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep cooking and smiling always. And yes, I was born in South India.

  45. Hi Anushruthi,

    This question is not related to any recipes, so please free not to publish it here. I am looking for vegetarian supplements for Iron, B12 etc. If you have any information regarding this, I would appreciate, if you could forward the info to my email. Thank you


  46. Sampada- I believe in getting nutrients from the food we eat. Green vegetables and dals are very good sources of iron. For B12 eating wholw green moong and drinking cow milk (preferably organic whole cow milk) helps.

  47. Plz, plz if can do some video on making cakes using microwave or share any recipes regarding no bake cakes it will be a lot of help. I follow ur many recipes.. u r my teacher.plz man help

  48. Hi Anushruti,
    Just wondering how you can substitute condensed milk in eggless cakes as the do not rise when we make them. Do you have and problems regarding this when you started baking. And Finally I will be baking the saffron cookies next week so will see how they go. Tried you Tomato Poha and was delicious. Thanks Vir

  49. Vir- Condensed milk acts as a very good binding and leavening agent in eggless cake. If you follow the recipe correctly, cakes made with condensed milk are perfect and delicious!Glad to know you liked the Tomato Poha recipe. Hope you will love the saffron cookies too.

  50. Hello, Anushruti,
    I am very excited to have discovered your website, as I am recently looking for eggless recipes to share with my daughter's in-laws. Having seen a recipe for gingerbread cookies decorated for Christmas (reindeer faces with red cherry nose and pretzel antlers–very cute!), I was hoping to find a gingerbread-type cookie recipe here. I have successfully converted several quick bread recipes by substituting 1/2 cup mashed banana plus 1/2 tsp. baking powder per egg. But before I try that for gingerbread cookies, I'd be interested if you have any suggestions! Thank you very much,

  51. Catherine- Nice to hear from you and a warm welcome to divinetaste. I recently posed a ginger cookie recipe, that might interest you. Happy baking and I look forward to hearing from you again.

  52. Dear Anushruthi,
    Thanks so much for sharing your recipes.
    I love your kitchen. Need your suggestion on something .
    Which brand do you use for the following :
    1. Mixer grinder
    2. Wet grinder
    3. Microwave
    4. Oven
    5. Food processor
    6. Cast iron skillet
    I really appreciate your help. Looking forward for your response.

  53. Hi Anushruthi,
    I have been baking cakes from your website for a while now, but recently when I bake cakes turn very oily/buttery at the bottom and very sticky top. Cakes are very heavy and do not taste good after its cools down. Could you please advice where am I going wrong

  54. Sampada- When there is too much fat in the recipe or if the recipe has not been mixed properly or have been baked at the wrong temperature for the wrong time, you could get oily dense cakes.

  55. Ma'am, when I first started baking it was your recipie of basic vanilla cake. It turned out wonderful, because of your recipies I gained confidence.
    For chocolate walnut brownies your recipie calls for a 10 inch square pan . But I only have a 9 inch round pan. So ma'am could you please help me with the ingredient measurements. I tried a lot. I will be highly obliged.
    Thank you.

  56. Hi Anushruti,
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes..could you plz tell us the rod setting of otg to bake cakes …should I use the top and bottom mode on or should it be only bottom heating elements on …

  57. Hi,
    I got here from youtube, liked your videos there…
    I had a question, what brand is that kadai from in which you made rava and besan laddoos..is it crisol cast iron from amazon?

  58. hi Anushruti,
    I want to buy a built in oven …can u please recommend which brand I should go for…
    kaffs review were not so good…. How bout Faber.
    also what are the important factors that I should keep in mind while buying a BIO other than price ๐Ÿ˜‰


  59. hi.. I love reading your eggless baking section.. and I have tried some of your recipes also which turned out really good. below are some of my queries. and i would really appreciate if you answer:
    1- I always wonder how do you decide what goes in which type of cake? I mean in some cakes we add condensed milk.. in other we add milk powder/plain milk/cream. so are there any basics of eggless baking which we should keep in mind while trying new type of cake?
    2- ratio of baking powder/soda with amount of flour and when/why do we add vinegar in some of baking instead of soda.
    3- I have seen here(USA) people adding egg replacer or egg substitute(flax seed powder) in eggless baking… does that really help or I should try without this for same result.

    thank a lot in advance for reading and replying

  60. bhawna: When I develop a recipe from scratch, I choose the ingredients based on the results I want. This comes out of intuition after years of baking. Please enjoy the recipes. Thank you.

  61. Hi Anushruti,
    While browsing through blogs came across your'really wanted to try few of them as my little one is fond of cakes.But just a small doubt what can we use in place of condensed milk and what should be the quantity.thanks

  62. Hi Anushruti:
    Love your blog and wonderful recipes! What temp change you would make to try your cookies in Airfryer? Also my conventional oven (Breville) has convection feature. I have noticed that when I turn the convection feature on while baking savory dishes like Handvo, I have to reduce temp and time. It cooks better from inside without drying out the dish.
    Do you have any suggestions? Or should I just cook with out turning on the fan.
    I too try not to use microwave which is a separate oven in my home and hardly used even-though it came with inverter technology.
    Thank you for your response.
    Nice name!
    Dee J

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  64. Hello, I like all your recipes. I am trying to subscribe to your mailing list, but after I reenter my email, a message pops up 'Please enter your email'. I have done this multiple times after refreshing my browser but no success. Please subscribe my foll. email

    Thank you,

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