Garden Cress Seed Kheer

Garden Cress seeds known as Halim in Hindi, Aliv in Marathi and Alvi in Kannada are wonder seeds commonly used in traditional post natal care across many states in India.

Garden cress seeds come with a host of nutritional benefits and prevent many diseases. They have great iron and Folic acid content and are good for increasing haemoglobin. These seeds are rich in B vitamins and are also high in protein and phytochemicals.

They regulate the menstrual cycle and are galactogogues that increase breast milk production making them great for the post natal period.

I remember my aunt bringing in a box of laddus made from these seeds during my post natal period. 


Due to their nutritious properties, these seeds can also be used when there is weakness, to tackle aches and pains, when one is recuperating or simply to add more energy to life. They are best had 2 to 3 times a week as more than that can increase the heat or pitta in the body. When the seeds are boiled in milk, the pitta properties are balanced.

Although these seeds are good for the post natal period they are best avoided during pregnancy. According to Ayurveda, these seeds are good for Vata and Kapha disorders.

The immense nutritional benefits of these seeds means that everyone can enjoy them in moderation, which would be not more than a tbsp, 2 to 3 times a week.

I remember my mother giving me these seeds for 3 days in the first 40 days of my post natal period. She made a lovely Kheer for me again as I was recuperating from a viral infection, after the fever subsided.

It was so delicious and I felt amazing after relishing it.

Garden Cress Seed Kheer


1 tbsp gardencress seeds

125 ml (1/2 cup) water 

250 ml (1 cup) milk 

2 tbsp jaggery

1 cardamom pod, seeds crushed 


Wash and soak the water cress seeds in water for 2 hours or overnight. 

Cook the seeds in the water on low heat or until they turn translucent adding a little more water if required. 

Add the milk and cook until thick and the seeds acquire a gel like consistency. Just before turning off the heat, add the jaggery and cook until it melts. Season with cardamom powder. Allow to cool and enjoy at room temperature.

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11 thoughts on “Garden Cress Seed Kheer

  1. This is a VERY POTENT food product, just like flax seeds. These two along with many others have very powerful effect on the female reproductive hormones, as you already know, as these are highly recommended for the elderly with age related ailments & the gynecological issues of the mature women all over health, pregnancy, menarche, & postpartum problems. My question & concern is,the over enthusiasm over use of these & such food products by the very well meaning mothers & grand mothers of today giving these to the children, along with giving FAT FREE, LOW FAT, HIGH PROTEIN etc. type of diets & foods to the children is THE MAIN CAUSE of all the adult diseases occurring earlier & earlier in the children. Just look at the increase in Type 2 diabetes, obesity (especially female pattern obesity in children & males), hypothyroid, PCOD, low sperm count in men, & other sex related problems. Should we not hold our enthusiasm over these things & consider the "vulnerability" of the people, & partly the laziness of the educated women to study & educate themselves through real experts & not the internet where 90% of almost all, & especially health related info IS ALL WRONG.
    This is what I understand based on my professional training, long term exposure to the ethnic measures from various parts of the world & just thinking deeply & analyzing these things & using COMMON SENSE
    I will like to know your opinion & take on this.

  2. Thank you for expressing your thoughts Poonam. I share similar views as yours. Infact, my mother made this for me as I'm recovering from a very bad viral attack that gave me joint pains and this is not everyday food. Infact I gave a talk yesterday in a corporate set up and one of the points I covered was the easy accessibility of information which can have negative effects if not used with discretion. That said, this is a food that is definitely not everyday food.

  3. This kheer is so Nutritious. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Also one request, I remember you prepared Gulab Jamun for Nandotsav 2019. Can you please share the recipe for Gulab Jamun.
    Thank You..

  4. Can anyone confirm the taste of raw seeds?
    I ordered this product first time , and taste wise it looks like bitter. is it right taste of this seed, please confirm?

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