Ayurvedic Superfoods: Sesame Seeds

Ayurveda and other traditional systems of medicine place a lot of emphasis on the benefits of sesame seeds. Sesame seeds and the oil extracted from these seeds play a very important role in my diet.

Sesame seeds are a good source of protein and fiber, and are rich in essential minerals like copper, manganese, iron and calcium.

Sesame seeds and sesame oil are extremely beneficial for the skin and hair and have a host of other benefits.

Sesame oil when used in oil pulling prevents dental decay and cures halitosis or bad breath.

Winter season is the best season to consume sesame seeds. However they can be consumed in moderation throughout the year.

There are many recipes on divine taste that celebrate the wonder and magic of this miraculous ingredient.

  1. Sesame Rice or Til Sadam: https://www.divinetaste.com/til-sadam-organic-sesame-rice-with-cashews/
  2. Stir Fried Vegetables With Toasted Sesame Seeds: https://www.divinetaste.com/stir-fried-vegetables-with-toasted-sesame-seeds/
  3. Baked Chakli: https://www.divinetaste.com/baked-chakli-gluten-free-rice-flour-spirals-with-sesame-seeds/
  4. Herbed Wholemeal Bread Rolls: https://www.divinetaste.com/herbed-wholemeal-bread-rolls/
  5. Til Chikki or Sesame Jaggery Brittle: https://www.divinetaste.com/til-chikki-sesame-and-jaggery-brittle/
  6. Black Sesame Wholewheat Pancake or Yellu Holgi: https://www.divinetaste.com/black-sesame-whole-wheat-pancakes-yellu-holige/
  7. Sesame Coconut Chutney: https://www.divinetaste.com/my-mothers-special-dosa-with-coconut-sesame-chutney-spiced-potatoes/
  8. Dry Chutney Powder: https://www.divinetaste.com/dry-chutney-powder/
  9. Vegetarian Schezwan Noodles: https://www.divinetaste.com/vegetarian-schezwan-noodles/
  10. Turmeric Hummus: https://www.divinetaste.com/turmeric-hummus-with-sumac-roasted-vegetables-and-black-pepper-rice/

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