Ingredient Spotlight: Mango

Mangoes are what make the hot Indian summers bearable for me and for millions of other fellow Indians. Juicy ripe mangoes are eaten with great relish and their raw young counterparts are pickled, made into chutneys or even made into a beverage like the Aam panna. 

Mangoes rule my heart and my emotions all through summer and I love eating them in their natural form the most! I also like to cook with them occasionally. 

Eating mangoes is also the best way to get your seasonal fruit fix through which you get your essential vitamins and minerals and mangoes being nutrient rich, you can indulge in them in a guilt free way.

This week, I will be talking mangoes and sharing all the tried, tested and loved mango recipes on Divine Taste. Stay tuned! 

What is your favourite way to eat mango?

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