Rice Flour Pancakes | Mumbri

Rice Flour Pancakes | Mumbri

This is too thick ammamma, I told my paternal grandmother when I was a six or seven year old, while she was in the midst of making mumbris.This is too thin, I said the second time she made it for me.I want it more crisp was my demand, the third time she made it. The fourth time, my very patient and loving grandmother made the perfect mumbri as per my liking, at the same time saying I'm not going to make it again and you have to eat it however it is..

She indulged me like a doting grandmother, while teaching me valuable lessons of patience, love and understanding. Mumbri is a regular breakfast dish from my father's side of the family. This much-loved food belongs to the havyaka community.

As a young bride, 30 years ago, my mother learned to make havyaka food very quickly. This ensured that my father didn't miss his native cuisine. This also made sure that me and my siblings grew up relishing havyaka food. Many of these dishes are unique and have medicinal values.

When Ro and I were getting back to Mumbai after a visit to my parents home, my mother packed a box full of mumbris to save us from the plight of eating boring flight food. This was Ro's introduction to Mumbris and he absolutely loved and devoured my mother's mumbris. I can eat this for breakfast or as a snack and I simply adore it too.

Since I'm at my parent's place, I had the luxury of making these with a banana leaf, something that I miss in Mumbai. My mother has a banana plant amidst a host of other plants, trees and flowers in her garden. So many ingredients for her cooking are plucked fresh from the garden. In my Mumbai kitchen I use greaseproof paper, an acceptable and useful substitute for the banana leaf.

Rice Flour Pancakes/Mumbri Recipe

This is traditionally made with white rice flour. I use red rice flour for a healthier version. Serve these with fresh butter, chutney and a lump of jaggery.


2 cups red rice flour or white rice flour
3 cups milk or water
2 tsp butter or vegetable oil (optional)
1 ½ tsp salt
Oil for cooking


Bring the milk or water to a boil in a wok or saucepan. Put in the optional butter or vegetable oil and salt and stir in the rice flour. Switch off the flame immediately. Stir the flour into the milk or water until the liquid is incorporated into the flour.
After the batter cools down, mix with your hands and knead until you get a soft homogenous mixture. Divide the mixture into four equal balls.
Take one ball and pat it onto a greaseproof paper or greased banana leaf (if available). Form the ball into a 6” circular disc by patting it with your hands.

Heat a frying pan, skillet or griddle on a medium flame. Smear it with a bit of oil. Lower the flame and place the pancake along with the greaseproof paper or banana leaf on the frying pan. Peel off the greaseproof paper or banana leaf. Raise the flame to medium or medium-high and cook on both sides with a bit of oil until golden brown spots are formed.

* My mother says: Use 1 tbsp butter for a tastier version.

Makes four mumbris

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11 thoughts on “Rice Flour Pancakes | Mumbri

  1. Amazing pics! The red rice flour version seems interesting!
    Have enough white flour to finish for now 🙂

    Never thought of using the grease proof sheets- unique thought!

  2. Simi: The red rice flour version is also healthier. The greaseproof paper (known as butter paper in India) is a very useful thing to have in your kitchen to make this.

    Hari Chandana: I'm glad you liked your visit to divinetaste.

    Parita: Yes green chillies would give a spicy kick, you can also add grated vegetables like carrots or cabbage to the rice flour dough. I prefer to have it plain with butter.

  3. The name mumbri brought back so many memories. My mother used to make this for breakfast and serve along with red coconut chutney. Cooking in a banana leaf adds special flavor to the rotis.

  4. i had to see the website when we were in hubli but finally because of aamod i'm finally seeing this..combination of mouth watering recipes and wonderful pictures makes this website unique and practical..
    for mumbris adding grated vegetables or chopped green chillies can be included as the optionals..

  5. These look amazing, I can't wait to try them! And I'll definitely try the red rice version, because I love my wholegrains.

  6. I tried these this morning, but they came out nothing like yours! My batter was almost liquid, like a muffin batter, and it never got firm enough to form into balls. I had to add another 1 cup of flour before I could shape it! I'm wondering what I did wrong? Are you supposed to cook the flour and milk once you add the flour to the milk? The taste was good (I added chopped scallions, which was great), but they also fell apart when I tried to turn them. Again, I wonder if that's because of the extra flour. I'd appreciate any help!

  7. Ricki: I'm sorry that these didnt work for you as it should have. At times the consistency of the dough depends on the quality and variety of rice flour used. (Certain rice grains are more sticky and elastic in comparison to other strains of rice)
    Try using a 1:1 ratio, that is 1 cup of water or milk for 1 cup of flour. After you add the flour into the liquid keep the heat on for a minute while you briskly stir the mixture. Hope this helps. Do let me know the results if you happen to try it again.

  8. Love your presentation of the recipes! It's a delight to read them.

    Any tips on how to avoid the dough breaking apart while patting it on the butter paper ?
    There were a few cracks here and there as I patted it on the paper, but I managed to bring out the mumbri in one-piece from the tava and it tasted heavenly.
    Was also wondering if I should pat the dough thin or thick ?

    Since I did not have a butter paper handy and could not control my eagerness to try this recipe, I greased the sachet of an used milk packet and made to do with it. 🙂

  9. Thank you Brunda! Glad you enjoy my recipes and posts. You can knead the dough nicely to prevent the cracking, but it really depends on the quality of the flour also. A greased milk packet works just as well. 🙂

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