"As You Name It" with Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates

Earlier this year, I was invited by ITC Foods for the launch of its luxury chocolate brand “Fabelle” at ITC Maratha, Mumbai.

Apart from having relished exquisite chocolates based on five elements “Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Wood, I also had fun making my own chocolate creation at the event.

It was great to be invited by ITC Foods, to be a part of Fabelle’s innovative “As You Name It” campaign. This is an extension of their earlier offering “As You Like It” where chocolate lovers can go to any of the exclusive “Fabelle” boutiques and create flavor combinations and pairings as per their taste.

Fabelle’s “As You Name It” campaign takes the personalized chocolate experience to the next level. In other words, it creates chocolate history by giving chocolate connoisseur’s a unique opportunity to create their own chocolate cup and name it after themselves as well.

I created a chocolate cup with dark chocolate, white chocolate crème and cacao nibs. This pairing has many of my favourite chocolate flavours- dark chocolate, white chocolate and cacao nibs and it tastes amazing! It is simple yet so exquisite at the same time.

I had great fun interacting with chef Bhumika who is the master chocolatier at Fabelle, ITC Maratha while creating my own chocolate pairing.

Good chocolate does many things- cheers you up, gets you started on great conversations, uplifts your mood and gives you a good feeling.

And the chocolates at Fabelle do all this and more. To experience this luxury chocolate experience, go to Fabelle Chocolate Boutiques at select ITC Luxury Hotels- Delhi (ITC Maurya), Bangalore (ITC Gardenia and Windsor), Chennai (ITC Chola), Mumbai (ITC Maratha and Grand Central) and Kolkata (ITC Sonar).

And if you go to ITC Maratha, you can ask for the cup created by me- “As Anushruti Likes It”, Dark Chocolate Cup With White Chocolate Crème Topped With Cacao Nibs and I’m sure you will love it!

Discalimer: This is a sponsored post, brought to you in collaboration with Fabelle.

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