Raksha Bandhan With Fabelle

Raksha Bandhan With Fabelle

One of the most special relationships in this world has to be that of a brother and sister. My entire world changed when my baby brother was born and right from the moment I saw him, until today, we share a very special relationship and bond. The equations have changed though. As kids, being his elder sister I took care of him and now as a grown up he takes care of me in so many ways.

Really, its hard to describe the emotions and feelings of this special sibling relationship. Speaking of brother and sister relationship, I cannot forget to mention my cousins Shashi (anna) and Vinu (anna) who are great brothers to me as well.

And then there are brothers from other mothers. My brother in law Mihir is also one of the most special person in my life. Be it blood or made by bond, the relationship of a brother and sister will always be one of the most cherished all over.

In India, we have a special festival to celebrate this bond called Raksha Bandhan. A sacred thread, which could be simple or decorated with all kinds of embellishments and adornments is tied by a sister on the wrist of a brother, a ceremonial arati is performed and sweets are exchanged. The brother in return promises to protect the sister always and gives a gift to commemorate the festival.

Fabelle, the luxury chocolate boutique in select ITC luxury hotel has come up with an exciting concept to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

I love the pralines inspired by the 5 elements known as Fabelle Elements which are the signature chocolates in Fabelle boutiques. And to celebrate this festival, you can pick any of the 5 elements based on the unique attribute of your sister with a heartfelt note and customize this into a unique gift.

Head over to www.rakhiwithfabelle.com for placing orders and customizing this gift.

But before that, you have to choose if your sister is dependable (earth), cool (water), feisty (fire), easy going (air) or solid (wood).

Make sure you look at the flavor pairing before ordering. The pictures below will help you decide the same.

I personally love Fabelle chocolates and Fabelle Elements is absolutely fascinating. This range of chocolates is good enough to celebrate any occasion but this chance of picking a certain element for your loved one is truly unique.

This Raksha Bandhan, you might also want to head over to any of the Fabelle boutiques with your sibling for a specially curated luxury chocolate experience.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, brought to you in association with Fabelle.

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