Eggless Strawberry Cream Shortcake

Eggless Strawberry Cream Shortcake

I decided to welcome the new year with this luscious strawberry cream shortcake. The cake was done and the scene was set for my perfect shot of the cake. And just as I disappeared into my study to bring in a lens, I came back in time to see my little mischief monger at work! Deeply scrutinizing and slaughtering my perfect slice with the fork and spoon as if it were play dough.

And out went my plans for that “dreamy” shoot as half the cake was devoured by the adults no sooner than it was done. I managed to take the main shot just before the entire cake was relished and eaten up!

“You deserve a prize for this” declared Ro, after he had eaten a few spoons and complimented me further by saying that it was one of the best things he has eaten. And my dear husband, if you are reading this, do take note that I’m still waiting for that prize!

Ever since I had seen Kurma’s shortcake, I had been wanting to make it and with strawberries in season here, I thought that this would be the best thing to bring in the new year.

I even made a batch of fresh strawberry jam as I had none on hand but with plenty of strawberries lying in the refrigerator, I had nothing to fear!

This strawberry shortcake is elegant, full of flavour and beautiful colour and something that  instantly appeals to the heart. It is so easy to make a strawberry creation look striking because of their natural ruby red colour. You can go all out to decorate this cake for a special occasion or leave it simple like I have for a simple family affair, making it look a bit rustic yet charming at the same time! Cake, jam and cream always make for a super delicious treat and with all of this going in together here and topped with fresh seasonal strawberries, what more can one ask for? Make this and revel in the contentment of the happiness of your loved ones.


Eggless Strawberry Cream Shortcake Recipe

The base used here is not as soft as a sponge cake but not as hard as a tart, but something in between if you know what I mean. When strawberries are not in season you can use other seasonal produce like peaches, mangoes or other ripe berries. Since I didnt have full fat cream on hand, I had to use low fat and blend it with a few other ingredients to get the required thickness. If you have access to good full fat cream, you might want to use that too.


The shortcake base:

40 gm (1/3 cup) walnuts, powdered

210 gm (11/2 cups) plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

100 gm (1/2 cup) salted butter, melted (if using unsalted butter add a pinch of salt)

140 gm (1 cup) fine sugar

250 gm (1 cup) yogurt (not thick)*

5 to 6 tablespoons water, if required

1 tsp vanilla extract

The cream topping:

200 ml cream (I used low fat)

2 tbsp milk powder

2 tbsp cashew butter (50 gm cashew powdered and blended with 2 tsp oil)

2 tbsp icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

Topping ingredients:

6 tbsp strawberry jam

250 gm whole strawberries


Lightly butter the base and the sides of a fluted 9” pie tin. Alternatively use a cake pan.

Preheat the oven to 175C/350F.

Pulse the walnuts in a food processor and make sure that it does not get pasty.

In a bowl mix the flour, baking powder and baking soda and sieve once. Mix in the powdered walnuts with a whisk.

Put in the melted butter and mix with your hands until the mixture starts to resemble breadcrumbs.

In another bowl put in the yogurt and whip until smooth and mix in the sugar and stir until the sugar dissolves. Put in the extract and mix well.

Pour the yogurt into the flour mixture and mix until smooth. Add the additional water if the batter is very stiff. The batter is not supposed to be stiff and also not of pouring consistency.

Put the batter into the in and bake for 35 to 40 minutes or until done.

For the cream topping, combine all the ingredients in a chilled bowl and beat until you get soft peaks. You can also beat cream into stiff peaks and pipe it over the cake.


Place the cake on a serving platter and spread the jam over it. Pour the cream in the centre and tilt the plate for the cream to spread evenly all over. Decorate with fresh strawberries and serve.

Makes one 9” shortcake.


  • My homemade yogurt was not thick so I didnt have to use much water.
  • You might want to place the cream in the refrigerator to thicken it a bit.


Loosely adapted from Kurma Das's recipe.


38 thoughts on “Eggless Strawberry Cream Shortcake

  1. Oh god, I want to try this right now so badly. But I have neither strawberries nor walnut at home and it's raining outside :(. I think you should warn people what ingredients they need to keep at hand for your next post so that they can immediately start cooking/baking 🙂

    I am going to get the stuff in the evening and make it tomorrow as a weekend treat. I will let you know how it comes out. Since all the cakes I have tried from your site so far contained condensed milk, I am intrigued how this will turn out. But I have full faith, I a sure it will be delicious at any cost 🙂

  2. Love that tableware- It's SO elegant!
    Ofcourse, bow downs to the strawberry shortcake.
    I'am foxed between trying this one and the strawberry cheesecake
    – devouring both is a dangerous but seemingly an obvious possibility 😉

  3. Hey Anushruti….

    This recipe is so very good can't wait to prepare it. Could you please enlighten me regarding the consistency of the batter … does it need to be like cake batter just about dropping consistency ??


  4. Thank you everybody! 🙂

    Poornima: That's such a sweet thought! Hope your weekend treat turns out to be fabulous!

    Chinmayie: Well said! I know that this holds true for my family too. 🙂

    Simi: Those napkins are your gift to me. Thanks!

  5. Hi Anushruti, just landed onto your website. I am having some difficulty finding the previous posts. How do I do that (apart from going through the recipe index ofcourse)?

  6. Hey,
    I'm planning to buy an oven! Which one do you use for baking.Your help would be really appreciated 🙂

  7. Pratiksha:So glad to be of help! Hope you tried this and liked it.

    Juhi: Is there a particular reason you want to browse through posts chronologically? When we redesigned divinetaste we gave it a magazine layout and got away with archives. Let me know if this is really important to you.

    Priya: I use a Siemens built in oven but have got equally good results with my bajaj OTG. Morphy Richards has a good oven. Go in for their largest capacity.

  8. Hi,I have been recently following are really doing a good job.Glad that I found your blog.
    The reason i am wtiting this mail is i want to know the exact measurement for one egg equals to how much of butter milk in case to convert the egg base cakes.Is there any other alternate for EGG other than buttermilk.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Once again keep blogging more and more

  9. hi Anu.. made this cake last week and thank you so much for this wonderful recipe…have been waiting all these days to get hold of some straw berries and finally got them last week..with a small portion i made the strawberry jam with your recipe and it was yummy…the cake was so boys loved it..thank you Anu..waiting for more recipes from you..

  10. Anuradha: IT's great that you and your boys loved it! Making your children happy through your cooking is one of the most rewarding attribute of life as a mother.

  11. Hi Anushruti,
    The shortcake looks simple and delicious. Planning to try this today! Just wanted to let you know, this recipe doesn't turn up when searched for with ingredient "strawberry". I wanted a strawberry recipe from divinetaste (only) and couldn't catch this one through that. Still, being a regular follower of your site, I remembered you had a recent post with strawberries and found my way nevertheless 🙂 do tag it with the "strawberry" label as well, for easier access in future! Thanks for your reliable recipe, as always 🙂

  12. Thanks Anu for writing the details for converting the egg/ substitute in to baking..I had not logged into your site to see the response from your site,untill mu friend reminded about the response you wrote to me…
    Thanks a lot again for the advise..
    Keep posting more divinity.

  13. I made this yesterday for my hubby's bday and it turned out sooooo good 🙂 Cant thank you enough :). The strawberries I used were not very sweet (they are almost out of season here) but still the flavours blended very well together…I was thinking of skipping the jam as I was running low on it .. but decided otherwise and used whatever I had and it tied together the flavours so well…

  14. I made this yesterday for my hubby's bday and it turned out sooooo good 🙂 Cant thank you enough :). The strawberries I used were not very sweet (they are almost out of season here) but still the flavours blended very well together…I was thinking of skipping the jam as I was running low on it .. but decided otherwise and used whatever I had and it tied together the flavours so well…

  15. hi, i am a hare krishna devotee in london, i made kurmas recipe previously and was in a hurry so it did not turn out, but i made your recipe for a hare krishna program and everyone loved it, it turned out great and i also think you should get a prize, i love it

  16. hi anushruti i made this strawberrry shortcake and it was beyond delicious!thank you so much for these recipes!btw can u also post an eggless lemon tart?

  17. Anushruti, thanks a ton for a keeper of a recipe!!
    I made this one this evening and it was a super hit with my entire family.
    So very succulent and flavourful.

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