Eggless Wholewheat Waffles

Eggless Wholewheat Waffles

Waffles didn't quite spark my interest until I saw the film, 50 first dates. Watching Drew Barrymore construct different shapes with waffles was what got me going!

But what got me to started with making waffles in my kitchen was motherhood! Having a difficult toddler to feed and racking my brains about the right food to put in his snack box were the stimulating factors, I presume.

A few years ago, when I set out to make waffles, there were very few recipes with only wholewheat flour and eggless waffles were quite unheard of! And I'm the culprit here for not sharing this recipe with you earlier than this.

The shape and texture of these waffles definitely interested Hari enough for him to take a look, then a bite and then finish his share of the deal.

And the best part about these waffles are the toppings. You can use your creativity or the ingredients you have on hand and make a myriad flavours to top this edible beauty.

Fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, jams, fresh cream, maple syrup or even chocolate spreads.

My favourite way of having waffles, is with honey! Warm waffles, straight from the waffle iron, with honey drizzled over it is quite irresistible!

And when you have nothing else to top, but sugar, just go ahead and do it!

It not only makes the waffles look pretty, but the occasional sugar high is required too, to uplift oneรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs spirits and moods!

Whether you keep your waffles plain, reveling in their unadorned goodness or decide to spruce them up with healthy or fun and exciting toppings, this recipe will give you a good foundation to assemble your toppings of choice.

And you can now watch how to make these waffles here!

Eggless Wholewheat Waffles Recipe

You can make these waffles with plain flour for a lighter version or you could even use 50% wholewheat flour and 50% plain flour.


dry ingredients:

140 gm (1 cup) wholewheat flour

2 tbsp cornflour

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp sugar,

ยฝ tsp salt


wet ingredients:

2 tbsp butter, melted

1 cup milk, warmed

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

water if required



In a bowl, put in all the dry ingredients, the whole wheat flour, the cornflour, the baking powder, salt and sugar and stir until the ingredients are mixed together.

In a saucepan, mix all the wet ingredients, the melted butter, the milk and vanilla extract together with a whisk.

Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and pour in the wet ingredients. Beat the mixture very lightly, making sure that you do not over-beat the batter.

If the batter is stiff, then you need to add a little water. Different flours have different water absorption capacities and therefore you need to adjust the amount of water used until you get the right consistency.
Allow the batter to rest for about 5 minutes.
Brush the pre-heated waffle iron with melted butter using a silicon brush and pour the batter right into the centre of the waffle iron, evenly distributing the batter at the sides.
Cook the waffles until done.
You can serve waffles with jam, fresh fruits, maple syrup, whipped cream or honey.


Makes two waffles







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21 thoughts on “Eggless Wholewheat Waffles

  1. Yummy looking Waffles! It looks just perfect! Great clicks. I am looking to buy a waffle maker and a baking oven, do you suggest any brand based on your experience? Thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you so much for these, they are perfectly crisp …I hv made them several times , i hv added blueberries, walnuts ,cinnamon and choc chips to them…they r just divine:)

  3. Hi Anu,

    This is sooooo yum. I made it and also freeze some for my craziest mornings.The only change I made was white whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat flour. Thanks a lot for such eggless recipes.
    Regards – Jigna.

  4. Is there any training provided for some one who likes to start an outlet? Please advise.

  5. is there a way we can make a dry waffle mix and keep it ready like one of those store bought waffle mixes that only need water/milk to be added? If so, What would be the proportions?

  6. You can use the same ingredients and mix up the dry ingredients and store in small jars with the serving portion mentioned on it. You can double, triple or quadruple the recipe for more quantity.

  7. Hello Anushruthi,

    Please, let know if Baking Soda, can be replaced with fruit salt like 'Eno'
    and achieve same results.


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